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Do You Keep Your Bed Covers On?

In normal day to day driving, do you:

  • Keep all three bed covers on

    Votes: 155 100.0%
  • Keep less than three bed covers on

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Leave bed covers in the bag, secured in the bed

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Leave the bed covers in the garage

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
I figure unless I need to remove them for cargo carrying reasons, they stay on. I'm sure it would be a mileage issue to remove the covers and have the tailgate up.

They stay on . . keeps debris out of the bed. I'll leave them in the garage when I need the open bed. Haven't used the storage bag yet.
I didn't see my option listed in the poll :)

I am sure I am one of the few that opted for the soft tonneau cover.

BTW - I leave it on
Anybody wanna buy a cover bag? ?I tossed mine in the attic. ?I either use the bed or I don't. ?I wish ?:B: would give me a couple $100 for that cover bag... ? :love:
Mine are almost always on, except when I take out panel 1 to cart the dogs.

As for the mileage issue, I would bet the cab pushes enough air out of the way at speed that not much gets trapped by the tailgate. Hmm, sounds like a science project.

I got a non scientific answer. Driving down the highway this winter after multiple snows storms, I noticed that the wind would whip around the rear fascia and push the snow towards my rear window. This would normally create a small pile against the window. The rest of the cover was blown clean.

I suspect the tail gate being up would still create a wind drag.

Just my 2 cents
You do have additional drag with the covers off, proven fact, ask any drag racer, they always run with the tailgate down! ;D

I leave mine on, wouldn't want to get the bed of my truck dirty :rolleyes:
gandolphxx said:
ask any drag racer, they always run with the tailgate down! ;D

That also helps out weight distribution in a*s-light vehicles such as pick-ups and El Camino's. Every little bit counts!
>:D Blueruck, I love your splash pics..... >:D

This spring on my WAY TOO the carwash I had the fourtune to come accross a similar hole. Once I was committed to the run, a little ford ranger cut infront of me to head the other way. To his misfourtune his drivers window was still down from the BK drive up. As I passed him he was a hand cranking as fast as he could.
Never, did he, have a chance.

Sometimes I have remorse, mostly I don't.

I'll wake up, breathing heavey, remembering the sight of water splasing off his inside passenger window.
With a splash like that, he had to see me comeing?

Oh ya-- I keep em on.
I like the 'look' with the bed covers on. Also keeps the bed clean and neat.
Alaska_Av - thanks - it was fun while it lasted :) I had another AV there to pull me out in case I got stuck - My sister with her brand new AV and only around 40 miles >:D

I loved your story... rule #1 in mudding... roll them up... unless you don't care
I leave mine on unless I am hauling the dog , then I remove #3 and tie him down. I took a trip with #3 off and the dog in and the mileage was down about 1-2 mpg, wonder if there was increased drag? Or the heave duty load St Bernard 165 lbs

I keep all three on, but keep the bag hook on to the inside of the bed in case i end up at Home Depot or some place.

I had 3-4 occasions where I was glad I had the bag with me.
RoarinRow said:
I keep all three on, but keep the bag hook on to the inside of the bed in case i end up at Home Depot or some place.

I had 3-4 occasions where I was glad I had the bag with me.
I do the same. I wish I could keep someone in the cargo bed to help me get the covers in that bag.
Back covers stay on unless I need to haul something. I also keep the bag on the hooks in the back so I have it. I don't seem to have the problems that others are have with putting the covers in the bag, not sure what I am doing differently.
My panels are always on, except once when I bought a hot water heater at the Depot. I knew it wouldn't fit so I had my daughter help me take off the panels and left them in the garage.

I can't figure out the bag - it looks too complicated. I think it will go into the garage to free up bed space.
I'm not sure if anyone of you noticed but the inside top cover of the bag has directions on how to store the hard covers. The pain of it all is getting each cover in its slot and getting slack from the straps. Once you do it a couple of times, it gets easier.
All 3 all the time. Never know when you will want to stretch out picnic style with the old lady. It's kind nice to layout across the top, they're very sturdy.
On the top of the bed covers with the old lady?

I wonder if that qualifies for the new AV "Mile High" club we started a while back ... or was it the "For a Dollar" club? ?>:D

ps - i don't think the ladies would like the second one though
Yes have keep the cargo Covers in place and placed the Bag be hind the Back seats. ?:cool:"I speak ill of no avalanche only the good i know of it"
I did a quick experiment. Ran through a full tank of gas with the covers off and got the same fuel mileage as with the covers on.... (14.:cool:
We Keep our on all the time unless we are taking the dog somewhere. This way we can go shopping and place things in the bed and still be able to keep it secure.