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Do You Love Cars/trucks Or Just GM Products?


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Feb 27, 2002
Hey - I was reading another person's post somewhere else and they mentioned the manufacturer name Dodge. He then apologized, jokingly I think, for doing so.

This made me wonder. Are you all enthusiasts of cars and trucks in general, or are you just fans of GM products? Meaning, everytime a person mentions another make on this board, for whatever reason, is it going to generate a lot of hisses and boos? Just curious. :cry:

Personally, I love performance. Be it a car or truck, regardless of the make. On other boards I belong too, the general feeling is pretty open to makes/models. Just curious to see if this board is full of those that feel the same or if this is kind of a "chevy only" board.

(of course it is an Avalanche board, but some things are relavant to bring up).

Nate :)

I think that was me and I was just kidding. ;) I bought a big Dodge Ram 1500 truck when the new round and bold body style came out in 1995. I rather enjoyed the truck and have no regrets. It was put out of it's misery last December by an inattentive Dallas driver, which forced me into the market for a new vehicle. I was actually looking at Ford, Dodge, and Chevy trucks before I noticed the Avalanche.
I got a lot of curious looks and comments the first year or two I had the Ram, kind of like I'm getting with the Avalanche.
If Ford comes out with a better product in a few years I will probably buy one of those. :eek:

I have an '86 Bronco waiting to become a classic :rolleyes:
also a '98 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9L 4x4 - hers now
and the AV - all American, assembled in the rest of the free world. ;D

I must say that it never occured to me to join a Jeep BB.
I purchase vehicles based on quality and purpose. Personally, I'll never touch another Diodge based on all the problems we had with a new Colt back in the 80's (lemon law, the whole nine yards). I owned and loved Oldmobiles growing up, so I looked into the Bravada (can't tow enough and felt small inside). We also looked at Nissan, Toyota, Lexus, and Ford. The AV fit the bill the best: haul four people, tow a good-sized trailer, and ability to haul project supplies. I first saw one in Alaska on vacation over the summer. The locked and covered storage sealed the deal.
I believe I also knocked Dodge in another part of this forum....that doesn't mean I would down anyone for ever buying a dodge or some other competitor.....

Those are just my personal feelings toward dodge trucks in general and only an opinion. I have nothing against bringing up other trucks in our forum...I just believe that chevy makes the best trucks on the road today.....

I've never owned a chevy car so I couldn't tell yeah, if they are great vehicles or not...although a camaro ss wouldn't be a bad idea for tearing some ass on the highway... ;)
I like vehicles. Not all vehicles, but most.

I currently own the following:
'88 Mazda RX-7 GXL
'97 Mercury Mountaineer
'99 VW New Beetle GLS

I have owned everything from Toyotas, and 60's era Novas, to a Taurus, Pontiac LeMans, Dodge Stratus... just about every make out there.

After I buy the AV, and the NB gets paid off, I will be purchasing a Mini Cooper S. I had an original Mini when I was in high school, and I would love to have a new one, to remind me of the first one.

Right now, I am working on securing a M3A3 Sherman Tank. Anyone know how to fix tanks up?
I have owned chevy's since 1990 Lumina APV 115,000 miles, 1991 Geo Metro-still going 200,000 miles, 1996 S-10 currently down with head gasket, 1999 Astro and the new beast 2002 Avalanche. We had 1993 Chevy 1 ton 4x4 ultility bed desiels, man what a peice they were broken frames & cross members and several trans repairs, glad to be rid of them. My company is currently sporting Ford F350 units now, very nice I must say. Anyway I will go on record as a vehicle enthusist no matter what the brand. ;D
My wife's Ford T-Bird and my Chevy Avalanche give nasty glances to each other in the morning!!!

;D ;D ;D
OK, I admit it, I'm a car nut!!! The Ava. is only my second Chevy (still have the 93 Corsica-that I got really cheap from my aunt which has been pretty reliable), but my middle brother owned an old Camaro Berlaneta(sp) think it was a 78 with the standard 350. Let's just say he lucked out when he bought it during college in '81. Didn't have many miles on it then only being 3 years old, and when he finally brought himself to sell it to somone last year for parts, it had over 275K on the original motor! Had never done any major work on it, and the engine was still running fine, just that the rest of the car was falling apart. Think he got his moneys worth out of that one...

Someone earlier mentioned they were raised on Olds, I was raised on Buicks, yeah the "old" mans car. I've owned 5 of them, including my dearly departed '87 GN, plus an Olds cutlass in amongst them. They were all good reliable cars. Most of my experience has been with GM products, but I still own an old Honda Accord (thing just won't quit). Had an old 84' Celica that went over 240K before it died, so I am for whatever works based on the intended purpose.

I love performance cars, thats why I am considering a SC for my Ava. Went to the 2002 NC Auto Expo over the weekend. Finally got to get in a new Infiniti G35, nice looking car. I like the RWD, and 0 drag shape, but the interior was a let down, told my wife that if I had to choose between the TL Type-S and the G35 that were in the show, I'd have to go with the Acura. Interior seemed much higher quality. Would LOVE for GM to bring the Holdens to the US, maybe they will by '06 when I get the beast payed off...
I pretty much love anything with wheels!

Be it a zamboni or a dump truck!
I'm a fan of all vehicles that have enough power to get out of their own way (can't explain my love for original Beetles and Kamen Ghias), but my first love is with GM products. It must have started way back when I was first old enough to want matchbox and hot wheels cars and got a gold '68 GTO and a blue '57 Nomad. Those were my favorites.

My older son is a die hard Mustang fan, especially Boss and Mach 1, so in the next year or so we'll be picking up a beater for him to work on, and the younger one wants an old Camaro. Funny thing is that to him, '80s Camaros are 'old'.

After the two of them move out of the house I'll be able to finally get my 427 Cobra (replica of course).
As the NASCAR editor of AutoRacing1.com, it is quite obvious that I'm into performance and speed. I generally like GM and some Ford vehicles. I like the way some Dodges look, but I wouldn't buy one after my bad experiences with owning one (seems to be a common theme).

There are occassional Hondas and Toyotas that deserve a look, but in general I find them to be very boring.

I do think GM makes the best trucks, followed closely by Ford. Dodge seems to be way behind in the power category. GM has done wonders with its truck/SUV lineup in the past 5 years. Both the Av and the Envoy have garnered awards. I considered buying a F-150 and even a Sport Trac. But the F-150 didn't compare favorably to the Av, and the Sport Trac was too small for me. The F-150 insurance crash test results kind of scared me off as well.

People can knock GM for going too far overboard in designing their vehicles, but that's what I'm looking for. Thinking out of the box is what brought the Av to the market. And most people would say the Aztek is butt-ugly, but I believe the concept of a multi-tasking vehicle is here to stay. And GM is way ahead of the other manufacturers in that category.
540 Rocket engine.
Cast Iron fenders.
Need I say more?

Mmmm, I can smell the tire smoke coming from the front wheels now as I dust another unsuspecting teenager. :) The good ol' days (70's). It's so nice to be back driving a V-8.
I love anything that moves! Been racing since I was a kid (probably still am). My 1st car was a 47' chevy stylemaster 2 door, a x-mas present from my dad, it smoked so bad when I started it the neighbors called the fire dept. I fixed the smoking, ran great for years. Presently I own..
39' DODGE Power Wagon
53' FORD 50th anniversary F-100 stepside
76' FORD F-100 4x4 stepside
79' FORD F-150 4x4 longbed
01' DODGE Grand Caravan(soon to be traded for 03' AV)
I love the Avalanche! Will have had it two weeks tomorrow.

Always been a GM fan. Growing up, my mother worked for years at a Pontiac, Buick, Olds, and GMC Dealer. Always checking out the cars, and when old enough to drive some of the salesman let me test-drive a few.

Currently have a 1995 Cherokee, 1986 Lincoln Town Car (which I will be selling) and in storage on my parent’s farm is my high school car: 1979 Pontiac Trans Am. Red with the big gray bird on the hood. Still runs great.

Even though my wife and I had to pursue the Lemon Law in replacing her 2001 Suburban, I have always had an affinity towards GM. I've owned and driven other vehicles, but the GM product just stands out as superior.