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Don't Call MY Avalanche An "SUV"!!


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Feb 2, 2002
At a recent family gathering,everyone got their first look at our Avalanche.We got all the usual questions about it,the main one being "what is it?"My niece said it's a SLUT...(A Sports-Luxury-Utility-Truck). Pretty good answer,I think,to the "what is that?"questions. :) :)
I uh sounded out the initials and I don't know.

It was funny though.
lol.....not sure my wife would like that acronym for the Av.

I just like AV, since there is not one category of vehicles that can define this truck.
I think they are starting to call it SUT. At least that is what caddy is calling the ext. Sport Utilty Truck. I don't mind SUT cause it is a Chevy Truck ;D
SUT...hmm sounds good to me, feels like we're put in a class all by ourselves so to speak..
I tell them it's an experimental test vehicle sent up from roswell new mexico..... ;D