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Don't Forget To Clean Midgate Threshhold!


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Mar 10, 2002
Vancouver, WA
I call it the "midgate threshhold". It's the spring-loaded two-part assembly that is screwed to the front of the bed with 6 torx screws whose springed part covers the crevice between bed and midgate as the midgate folds down and rotates away from the bed.

got_change provided a good reminder several months ago to Clean the midgate-to-bed drain cover--the little slotted plastic screen that covers a gutter and drain hole in the front of the bed. But the metal/plastic threshhold assembly that is screwed to the bed under the plastic screen is also a source of dirt and grime.

Following my recent bout with sand I still have sand in the bed. After removing the mat, the plastic screen that got_change talks of, there was still sand wedged in between the bed, midgate seals, and this spring-loaded threshhold piece. So I took it off and lo' and behold; check this out:


Guess this is another thing that needs removing and cleaning periodically.



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Good recommendation. I had to do that after hauling a bunch of concrete. I had some water back up into my cab and once I cleaned that I didn't have any water back up again.