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Door cladding cathching fender


Full Member
Apr 20, 2006
Saskatchewan, Canada
I have a problem with my 03 Z71 AV where the door cladding is catching the front fender claddding on the passenger side.? It seemed to start on hot day.? The panel looks aligned to the eye.? The door cladding pushes in on the fender cladding, bending it inwards until a point where it snaps out with a loud prang.? I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this and how they fixed it.? TIA!
Is seems that the sun/hot weather caused the fender cladding to suck-in slightly and that's what caused the door cladding to catch on it.  To fix it I pulled on the panel with a crow-bar and used a heat gun to warm the plastic, let it cool, remove the crow-bar and now it's good as new......until the next hot day.