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Door Slamming


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Nov 18, 2002
This may sound like a stupid question but can you damage the door or latch by slamming it too hard? I am the proud owner of a new Black 03' AV. The other day somebody gave the driver side rear door a pretty good wack or slam. It closes O.K. but that solid thud is not there any more. The other side rear door sounds better and has a solid feel when you close it. The door that was slammed actually looks like it bounces a little when it is closed. Does anybody have any info or am I just being paranoid. :)
if you close the door too hard fronm the inside i know for sure there is a good chance that the grab handle mounting tab will break.
this is the place where the bolt goes through and secures the handle and panel to the door frame. if you look at rear edge of the grab handle, then look just behind it you will see the bolt. carefully look at the tab it runs through. if you have damage you will see a stress line/crack there. take it back to the dealer for your warranty repair.
whenever closing the door from the inside grab the handle at the leading edge rather than the back this tke the stress off the weak point of the door. had the driver's side replaced and it is still okay using this closing method. the passenger... that is another story. :8:
hope this has a little to do with the your problem. if no i am sure you will be needing to know this for future reference. good luck with the new truck.
i guess what i am trying to say is do not let anyone slam the door from the in side! as far as the outside goes... i have had idoits (including myself) slame the door too hard. as far as i know it still funtions okay, i guess. you notice things with your stuff most won't. but i can't honestly say i have noticed anything different. sorry.
Ohhh..huge pet peeve for me. I can't stand it when people slam my doors. They get in a big vehicle and just assume you have to put all of your body weight into the door to close it.
I have always made a conscious effort to think when I close my door. If there is a window or another door open then you don't have to close it hard at all. If there isn't another door or window open it takes a little extra. Like most as soon as I get in I put my window down. I also try to avoid closing it as the windo is moving to prevent breaking the clips. In the winter I'm sure a hard slam would break a brittle window but it's yet to happen. I keep my door latches, and hinges lubricated so I will never hopefully have to slam my doors. You also have to remeber you have an electric motor in there and a couple of wire connectors. They may never break, but frequent slamming may hinder there operation.

In an old car I once had if you shut door to hard the window would break.......but yeah do anything to hard and something can break....

I would expect the latch to move......and possible loosening of things in door so that somthing starts to rattle ...
Thanks for all the replies. Door slammimg is one of my biggest pet peeves. I hope it is just a shifted or loose latching mechanism. Thankfully, the door was not slamed from the inside so the interior handle and panel are fine and nothing seems to be rattling, but somebody closed it hard with the other doors open from the outside. Does any body know how to adjust the latch. There the part of the latch on the body and a latch mechenism on the door. They both seem to have torx or star heads to loosen and adjust.
ChevyThunder said:
Ohhh..huge pet peeve for me. I can't stand it when people slam my doors. They get in a big vehicle and just assume you have to put all of your body weight into the door to close it.

My sister used to do that with my Cavalier, p*ssed me off when my car doors slammed so loud I thought something was going to break...