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Dri Wash and guard DWG waterless washes


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Mar 15, 2002
Southern Delaware
I'm in the process of finding and ordering the best auto detailing products I can find to use with a small, home-based detailing business. On our black Av, I use Gold Class Shampoo, Klasse All-in-One Polish, the water blade, and the Absorber. But, this is a very labor-intensive process and still doesn't give the results I've always wanted. Having ordered several products from ProperAutoCare.com in Florida, I email them often for advice and they said "we've evaluated Dri-Wash before and were not impressed by the results".

So, my question is, to all of you that use Dri-Wash what do you think of it? Pros and Cons? Results on dark (like black) vehicles? Any pics of the results?

I'm very impressed with everything I've read and heard about Dr-Wash so far, but am looking for soem more opinions from people who actually use this product. :D :D

I've used DWG once on my dark green Chrysler Sebring (wife's car, had to test it SOMEWHERE ;) ) last week, she was impressed with the looks, I was impressed with how easy it was to use and the results.

Now a week doesn't constitute much of a test and I am looking for anyone that's used it long-term to tell ushow it holds up.

But so far I'm sold.

Check eBay before buying direct, but make sure you factor in shipping charges when you compare savings.

Below in the next post is what a mobile detailer stated about the product.
Grrrrrrrrrrrr it will not post must be too long....buyt basically he has another product he uses called protect all quick and easy wash. Uses 1 gallon of water to wash your car. Link below.


I started using about 2 months ago, and I am very happy with the results (on a black AV). I have used many different products, and this is by far the easiest. I do have a complaint though. I do not like the spray, as it gets on the cladding, and must be removed immediately or it dries (and is then a pain to remove). Other than that, fantastic product, very durable.


You da man when it comes to detailing. Have you used DWG or the Protect All wash?

I'm skeptical about swirl marks. I just have a hard believing that a waterless cleaner will not leave any marks.

Please respond, sir!!!
I wash the normal way.

I hear good things from protect all which uses 1 gal of water.
This time I've done my historical searching! :)

In the past many people have brought up the Dri Wash product, and many of you said that you were about to try the product, but there is really not any follow up about your satisfaction.

How good is it? Their web site claims it's the best thing since sliced bread.

How about Dri-Wash vs. Zaino's?

Dri-Wash as a follow-up to Zaino's?

I've ordered Zaino's already and was about to pull the trigger and order some dri-wash, but I decided to wait for some feedback.

BTW: Noticed some water in the mid-gate this weekend. :6:


I have bought and used both and I don't use Dri Wash anymore on the AV (1 time only). Just Zaino - Z2 and QD mainly.

Won't go so far as to say DW is bad, but I believe in the old fashioned way - good soap (Zaino), lots of water and 100% clean cotton towels will work the best long term on keeping swirls at a minimum.

Ygmn is the expert on this and I think he would concur.

BTW - Found out my brother-in-law has a Corvette and uses Zaino. He calls it "Corvette polish" since all his 'Vette buddies use it!

They are different products from all my readings....but a bit similar.

Zaino is a kinda whole set of products...Shampoo, Sealant (2 flavors), QD, plastic/rubber Protectant, etc etc...You do not have to have all but the they are all good products.

Dri wash is a low water wash system and QD....I mean you could use any QD like dry wash...Spray enough on etc etc....but I prefer to hand wash as less chance to swirl the paint....

I have yet to try Dry wash .... I may but I have enough crap right now...I will look for samples to try though
Thanks for the input. I received my Zaino's at work yesterday and bolted a little after 4 so i get some of the truck done. Finished the roof and hood ( two most important to me since she is outside always). Hope to gett he rest done over the next few days.
It's kind of pain with out a shelter. I got the roof all dry and ready and when i'de climbed up to start the z1 a bird had decided it was looking to clean. so washed again.
Looks very nice and feels even nicer. :)
One of the best things about Zaino is that it can be applied in direct sunlight with out any problems....
Anyone ever use this product. My father-in-law showed it to me yesterday. He is a life long Harley man and works at the Baltimore HD store. He said this product is sold at the store, and any online reference I find is Harley based. He useses this on his 2 bikes, their Silver Mitsubishi Eclipse and his 2002 Silverado (Black)\. He said this is a no wash product although he does, but is shines without scraches or swirls. It is no silicone based and he loves it. Although it is like 25 dollars a bottle, I have been thinking about it. He is very particular with his vehicles and I cannot see how this is a bad thing based on that, he is not easily taken by snake oil sales either. Just curious.

Neverheard of it got any pics or web links?
I may be able to see if the owner will do anything for us. The site I sent isn't where he works, that is the only place I found online with reference to it!

I did not check your link, bt it sounds just like Dri Wash 'n' Guard from ETI. I used to be a distributor for waterless car cleaning products (and I STILL use only them!!), they worked so damn well for my mobil auto detailing, that I had to sell them.

If you guys want a product that sounds similar, and cannot get a bunch of it (if that is what you want), let me know. $25 a bottle is about right for a small bottle. You can get a big bottle (64 oz) for like $70, and it will do your truck like 50 times easy.
From the site it does seem to be a DRi Wash N guard except one more product for removing the blueing from chrome...

These products I find are OK for cleaning on the run or places with water restrictions.....but I cannot get use to them......they really are not a wax or paint protection prodcut though.....IMO
I have no idea how The BOM is, but Dri Wash is AWESOME. It is hands down the best stuff I have ever seen and used. I detailed at a Mercedes Restoration Dealership (#2 in the country!!) for over 4 years, and it is all we used. It cleans (even grimy stuff), polishes and protects the paint, glass, and chrome. ALl in one step, with one product.

Believe me, I have heard it all over the years, but this stuff is the absolute best there is. All of these other waxes and crap just dont do it for the real thing.

All just my $.02 worth of course. I know that people swear by Zaino, Mother's, etc. Well, I swear by Dri Wash.
Probably a close relation then. He uses this on the glass, paint, chrome, plastic, leather etc. I will have to examine the bottle a bit better next time. I do think is is like 32oz for 25 bucks or something.

What ever product works for you is the best product...as long as ytou use it ..............

Some products do not provide protection so do consider that....
I can't see how you can have dirt on a vehicle and not scratch it without washing first. Are we talking road dust or really dirty. Any detail spray will take care of road dust but dirt gotta be washed off first. I don't know, I could be wrong but it doesn't make sense to me ???
I just ordered a bottle to see how well it works. I have the same concerns Mellow does so I won't test it on areas that look like they may have abrasive dirt on it.
I'll let you know how it works as soon as I get it.