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Drive It Or Park It ??

Drive It . . . OR . . . Park It

  • Drive It

    Votes: 65 100.0%
  • Park It

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Feb 21, 2002
Greeley, CO
So . . weekend before last it's 60 degrees - the Av gets a bath, wax job, and detailing inside and out - looks better than when it came from the dealer!

Then later the next week, winter hits with a vengence! Snow, ice, slush, cold, sand and mag chloride on the roads - the works. Not only will this mess up my nice clean Av, but a person can get hit out there, given the crazies on the road !! :mad:

So, I say - "I'll drive my capable alternative - '87 S10 Blazer and leave the Av parked in the garage."

My wife says - "Why did you buy it if you're not going to drive it?"

So, fellow Av owners what would YOU do ??

P.S. I drove the S10 - it stayed in 4HI for most of three days - but the Av's out again now! :)
Avy's are not museum pieces. They aren't happy unless they are on a steady diet of asphalt, concrete, and 87 octane!
Drive it!! It is a truck not a Viper or Vett. Trucks were made for the road, dirt, mud, and snow!! Not to look good in the garage
Drive it without a doubt....this thing was made to brave the elements....
Mine stays out under a sap dripping tree in all weather - drive it every day - it is a WORK truck, not some wimpy show piece.

As they say about many things: Use it or lose it. ;D
And what do you think I voted for?

PARK it use the beater and let it get salty and crappy and hit by soccer moms in their crappy mini van sliding on a patch of ice.
Drive it. Definately. What other vehicle could haul five people and all their equipment up boarding after work. Oh, include the head-turning and questions asking too. The OnStar alone brouhgt out the geek in everyone.
ygmn said:
And what do you think I voted for?

PARK it use the beater and let it get salty and crappy and hit by soccer moms in their crappy mini van sliding on a patch of ice.

I use my beater car, most of the time for errands, work, etc. I use the Av mostly on weekends when my wife and I take long drives. This way, I can keep the mileage on it reasonable.
Park It.....!

God only knows what those new de-icer chemicals will
do to that Zaino finish.

I'm in the same boat and its killing me. I had a winter beater for these times back in '95 when the old Tahoe was new.......I definitely believe the AV is made for driving but right now my IndigoBlue is anything but Blue.

March in Minnesota.... :(
LOL! I know what your saying IndigoBlue, I'm lookin out my window here at work and its snowing like #$$%!!!!

march in wyoming
That's the great thing about, having a summit white Av...you blend right in with the snow and ice...of course afterwards your pulling your hair out.. ;D
If the snow bothers you move to Fl. or Ca. Then no need to worry about it. I say drive it! Just don't tell my wife I said to. ;D
I think EVERY vehicle should be driven at least a few miles a year... it is what vehicles are made for. ?What better treat then to see a beautiful automobile cruising down the blvd. or going on an offroad excursion? ?Keeping your pride and joy cooped up in the garage doesn't do any one any good... whatever that car/truck may be. ?

Our AV replaced my wifes daily driver and has had 600 miles put on it since February 25 when we signed the papers... ?;) ?She loves driving that thing (and so do I!) it makes her feel "invincible" and makes me feel good to have her driving a much safer and powerful truck then her Toyota (which served us for well over 165,000 trouble free miles and will be missed)... ? :cautious: ?Her favorite quote now that she drives this 340hp beast "I drive it like I stole it and look great doing it too". I think I created a monster. :eek: What do you think?

Take care folks and have fun driving your AV.

I wouldn't trade places with you for anything in the world. I bought my Av on last month (February) and the sunroof has been down, all 4 windows rolled down and the rear window, stowed away of course, for all but 3 or 4 days (due to rain or being out of town without my Av).
Drive it Man, Drive it like you stole it. It's a piece of equipment not a collectors item. I had mine less than 5 months when I was dragging bottom in the mud and snow on Casper Mtn hauling out Mulies on top of the hard cover. Talk about get some looks. The cladding saved the bottom from all the scratches and damage that the sage caused to my p/u. Feel safe if you need to put it to the test, it can handle it. I drug a trailer with a honda 4x4 up a muddy incline greater than a 45 while dragging bottom. Had it so far off camber the pucker factor was hellacious. Bought chains...never needed 'em. The AVALANCHE far surpassed all my expectations.
PARK IT!!! on the weekend

I drive it to work and back 7 miles a day mon - fri and park it on the weekends!!!
You might as well drive it.

Our problem is that we want to use the AV for everything and take it everywhere. My mom has it everyday and it shouldn't have to go to Walmart everyday (not quite everyday ;)). That should be a car's job. If my dad had it, then 70 miles would be put on it everyday going out to Denver Int'l Airport from here in the west subs of Denver.

There has been talk of just using the AV for work and going on road trips, especially now that there are going to be some huge cruises next year. The rest of the time it would just sit.

Somehow, making the AV sit just doesn't seem possible :B:!
I'm with you wrchism. My AV is a like a fine filet mignon, it was meant to be cherished and slowly savored. Plus I work so hard at shining it, I can't bear to dirty it. Just my humble opinion.