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Driver Side Back Seat Slots In Cushion?


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May 28, 2002
hello, this is my first post so I hope it shows up.

I just bought by Av about 3 wks ago so I am still learning. I LOVE IT!!! I am curious to know what the slots in the cushion on the drivers side back seat is used for. I have searched an came up with nothing. Please help. ???
Hey first post for me too, but I know this answer! When you reconfigure the AV, so put down the back seats, these slot are there to put the seatbelts into so you don't have to try and fish them out later!. It's actually a really cool idea! ;D

Enjoy the your new AV.

Jamie - I don't recall seeing slots on my AV - what kind of interior does your AV have? This might help..

I know my sis's AV has a diferent config, becuase she has cloth.
Congrats on buying the Av and finding this site. I am sure you will be more and more happy with both with each passing day.
They are to stick your seatbelts in when you fold the seats down. That way when you lift up the seats you won't have to dig for them. More evidence of GM's attention to detail when engineering this truck.

I just posted the the damn question no more than 5 min ago. already 21 people have viewed it and 4 replies. Thankyou guys for your answers. This site is awesome with a capital A, baby!!!!
All the members try to be nice :B: and the others got it right with the seat belt thingy but I find mine tend to slip out sometimes...I guess to much conditioner on the leather seats >:D
One bit of warning though... if you have kids you may not want to put the seatbelts in there. As soon as they find out you can put stuff up there who knows what you'll end up finding in there someday. :)


I stopped using the slots after a couple of times -- didn't like having to take another step. Instead, I used a small bungie cord passed through the seatbelts, where the buckles are, and hooked it to the pivot of the center arm rest. That keeps the buckles up off the floor, and within reach when I put the seat back up.

I may try that. The existing pockets are useless. The buckles only seem to go in about 2" so fall out when I fold the seat back up.

Sure, GM may have added the feature, but did they actually TRY it out?
I might try that kps. Every time I lift the driver's side rear seat that !@#$% seatbelt buckle always slams into my bass amp (If I forget to catch it). Can't be too good for it :eek:
It's another noise-abatement mod. Keeps the kids from whining about not being able to find the seatbelt, and me cussing about having to get out and do the "Change for a Dollar" dance again.
I've just been holding the seatbelts in place while flipping the seats. It's a little of a pain, but takes no longer timewise. Guess I'll check out the seat slots (that I couldn't figure out the function for!) Is this shown in the owner's manual?
If the seat belts aren't being used, I think it would be a good idea to just leave them under the seat and to slip something soft over them so they don't make any noise. :0: