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Driver Side Lower


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Jan 29, 2002
San Francisco
Has anyone noticed the Avy sits a bit lower on the driver's side? I went and measured it after parking on a level floor with proper tire inflation and found the front driver's side to be approximately 1 1/2 inches lower than the passenger side. I measured both from the top of the wheel well down and also rechecked the measurement from the frame to the floor :cool:
I kinda thought so too... ??? But then, I looked at it again in another parking lot, and it looked OK. I never really measured though, but now I will.
Thanks for the info Alex. My question is -- did you have to unload the suspension before cranking the torsion bar? In another words, take the weight off the wheels by jacking the car up under the frame :)
It seems that most of them are 1/2" low on the drivers side - strange.

Make sure you measure to the frame - don't adjust more than 3-5 turns MAX - should need less to level. If you go over 3 turns get a full alignment otherwise you will have tire wear.

I have heard that the dealers will do the alignment for free if under 7500 miles.
Funny to hear this. When I was on Pickuptruck.com I posted this issue to some Chevy owners and nobody had the problem. I had it from day one. The dealer told me to get some mileage on the truck to make sure that the suspension has settled in from shipping process. I have 6000 miles on it now. Sometimes it sits low front drivers side and some times it sits even.

From what you all are saying, I think it is a normal issue with this particular front suspension on this particular vehicle.

If it did it constantly I would say something is out of adjustment but since we all agree that it does sit level at times then I think it is just the way the suspension settled at the time the vehicle is parked.

I don't know for sure..
Mine sits 1/2" low on the drivers side. It also pulls to the left slightly. I plan on taking it in, getting it leveled, aligned and have them reattach the cladding where the two sided tape is pulling away from the body. It has 1100 miles.
Found a site that gives you the scoop on the torsion bars and options. Make sure you get the alignment! It just takes a turn to level - 2 to 3 will raise the truck 1+ inches => little stiffer ride.

Chanes 2500HD

This is Chanes 2500HD - great reference stuff there
I had this problem with my Av right from the beginning. I finally convinced the dealer that the driver's side was lower - they acted like they had never run into this before and were completely baffled on how to fix it. I has print-outs of info of the internet to show them how others had the problem and it was simply a torsion bar adjustment.

Well - after about 4 hours I got them to adjust the right side torsion bar lower and this brought my Av to a level stance side- to -side. They then did an alignment on it. They never did figure out how to do a measurement on it from the body to the frame - they were trying to measure from the ground to the top of the wheel well on each side - which at best is a very subjective measurement that can vary due to tire pressure, amount of fuel in the tank, etc. Anyways - I'm happy now that it sits evenly from side to side.

What I would like to pursue to even the truck out from front to rear is a 1.5 or 2 inch drop in the back end. I would rather do this than raise the front with the torsion bars. Has anybody done this on this board? Somebody on the Town Hall board posted a while back about a 2 inch drop in the rear using Bell-tech rear drop shackles. Anybody go some more info on this? Thanks!
Just to chime in...have noticed the same problem with my wife's '99 Blazer, my '98 GMC Sonoma, and now my '04 AV.  Will def. try the fixes mentioned.
I see two options that have yet to be offered;

1. Go on a diet.

2. Get a more "gravity challenged" passenger.

Steelheadchaser said:
I see two options that have yet to be offered;

1. Go on a diet.

2. Get a more "gravity challenged" passenger.


You beat me to it, my sister-in-law's car sits lower on the driver side.
She weighs at least 350 lbs  :eek:
When I got my AV lowered I asked the guys to level it all around because I thought the same thing, that it was unlevel from the driver side.

The guy who helped me said that it's normal in a sense that when you take off it levels because of the way the truck is designed.  But, I told him, yeah, but when you're standing still it's still uneven.

Anyway, after they leveled the AV they fixed that design flaw as well.  I'm even Steven  (y)