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Driver side window is not working.


New Member
May 4, 2021
So my driver side window was work the day before it stopped working and it is all the way up. All other windows and locks and mirrors work except drivers window. The window motor was replaced last year when cable snapped and worked until now.
My trouble shooting started with removing door panel and checking out motor and tracks and cables, all good there. Watched video on how to clean master switch control panel, cleaned and put back together and nothing. Went to go get new motor and still nothing. Returned it and got new master switch control panel and my window worked but nothing else worked. Took it back and now stumped. I took passenger control panel off and switched it with driver side since they have the same plugs and driver side window and locks worked. Passenger with the master on it worked except for passenger window, WTH???
I'm at a loss now and need some help?

damascus maker

Full Member
Apr 17, 2021
I spent this afternoon with the same issue. But I got lucky. Cleaned the switch, no luck, then stripped the door and verified no power to the motor which worked off an independent 12V battery. Dismantled and more aggressively cleaned the switch, which looked clean to start with. Working now. 😀
Please share what you learn!