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drivers side mirror won't go into automatic curb view


New Member
Apr 19, 2004
New York
My 2003 Avalanche's drivers side mirror won't go into curb view mode when the vheicle is placed into reverse.  I checked the computer and it is set for both driver and passenger side mirrors to go into this view.  I can move both mirrors with the power switch in all directions but it just won't go into the curb view position when placed into reverse.  Any suggestions? 
Did it work before?  On my 2004 you would have to put it in reverse and then adjust the way you want the curb view to look, then it would remember it after that.

slick is right, if you move it while in reverse it will remember that position too. I once was backing up and moved it up is see something (top of a fence post) and thought it stop working. Just put it in reverse and adjust again and everything should be fine.

Good luck 
Worked like a charm.  Will probably never know what caused the one side to forget it's programmed position.  Then again a few beers and I begin to forget some things too !!