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Driving With 1st Panel Removed


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Mar 7, 2002
McKinney, TX
Has anyone removed only the first panel, the one close to the midgate? I asked the dealership about that, the sales guy said you couldn't do that because panel 2 connects to panel 1 and it wouldn't lock. Tried it anyway, removed the rear window and panel 1, put the dogs in the way-back and off we went.
Panel 2 seemed reasonably secure, there does not appear to be any aerodynamic pressure on 2, and the dogs were happy.

Got some strange looks, though.
Was it tricky to remove panel 1? I suppose if you drop the window and midgate you have access to the handles but I would have though that panel 2 is somewhat bearing down on one.

Along the same lines, the few nice, warm days we've had so far in Minneapolis/St. Paul, I have removed the window, opened the monroof and opened the windows. You'll get looks for having no rear window with the covers on. I believe Chief said it first "just like a convertible!"

I went the long way, taking all three panels out, then fiddling with panel 2 until I got it in position to latch, then put three in normally. One will not come out while two is in place -- they do overlap.

Springtime in Texas is a bit different than in Minnesota. We've had the back glass in and out since I picked up the truck in February. Of course, we'll be paying for that in June-July-August when it's 102 degrees outside.
This is a combination that I've not tried yet! Sure have had fun running around with the back window out as the weather has started turning nice! Just takes a bit of getting used to - it's a different feel / sound than having a side window open.
I do it all the time. My dog seems to like it, as she's outside, but can still stick her head in the window to say hi. Actually, she spends most of her time laying down under cover #2 sleeping. It's damn funny to see her stick her face through the A sail at stop lights. Just the tip of her nose pokes out enough to see in the side mirror.

You can get #1 out without removing the other two. It involved removing the window and dropping the midgate, followed by 15 minutes of cursing and knuckle-bashing. It's actually easier and faster to remove all three, then replace #2 and #3.
Drove over 2000 miles no stop with the first one removed and the Rott in the back. It did get a bit cold for him going from NoCal to Flagstaff the temp went from 80 to 27. Needless to say when I stopped in Flagstaff for gas he didn't jump up to see where we were. So I had to buy a blanket for him. But 2000 miles at 75-85 mph and nothing moved. I did have to clean the back window half a dozen times within the 34 hour trip because of all the nose prints and dog snot.
My little dog couldn't fit his head thru the A sail. He would slime the the entire area though....St Bernard...

Dogs and Avs, the perfect match.

Mine were a twelve-year-old Weimeraner and a eight-year-old yellow lab. The lab spend the whole drive under the covers, in the cave. The wiem got tired of the ride, climbed in the window so she could sit on the back seat.

I did get accosted by a young lady, kept asking questions about the truck. Seems she raises chocolate and yellow labs, needs a truck to haul them -- all ten of them.

Figured the Av was just about right.
I'v done this numerous times. Usually when I have three other people in the Av with me. The only problem I experienced was the first time, and that was putting number 2 panel back in just rite.