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Dual Exhaust Question


SM 2007
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Apr 1, 2007
Brooksville, FL
I am adding dual exhaust to my 2007 Avalanche. My question, "is it better to have the exhaust exit to the side or back?" I looked at the album pics and it appears most go for the side. Do fumes come in through the tailgate if exiting at the back? I really am enjoying this website and appreciate any suggestions.
I went out right behind Both ot the rear tire 9up tight and as close to tire as possible).
1st; Less chance of me crushing them shut. :rolleyes: (have a nasty ding in one of them)

2nd I can get my 35" spare up under the AV.

3rd if you plan on towing this is a better location.

There are proble more Welcome :wave:

Added link to Pic's http://www.chevyavalanchefanclub.com/coppermine/thumbnails.php?album=71
If you're off-roading, the tailpipes out the back will get hung up if you start up a steep hill. If you're on the road, you may have similar problems with steep driveways faster than you would w/ side exhausts.

Oh, one more thing...
Thanks lmychajluk, more good information! Looks like they will be going out behind the rear tires. I'll add the exhaust next Saturday and will add the pictures when I get home....I got the message! Thanks again!
Looking forward to seeing the pics..  Congratz on the new purchase