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Dukefest IV 2007 april Cancelled!


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Mar 7, 2002

It time for Dukefest IV 2007 is set for April 20 - 22 at Lake Livingston. Hope lots of people can make it, we always have a good time and I promise the fishing will be good!!!! Check threads on previous Dukefests to see what a good time we have.
Inside sleeping is available and lots of room for camping in the yard. Boat launch is next door, bring your boat, jet-ski or just hang out on the dock in your lawn chairs!!!


Dukester & Crystal
Avz66 & Mrs.Avz66 & family
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Directions to Lake Livingston - Dukefest IV GTG

For those coming from down Houston way or from San Antonio: Take Hwy 59 north to Livingston, exit at Hwy 190; go west towards Huntsville. About 12 miles from Livingston you'll come to Onalaska. You'll go over a small bridge at Sandy Creek, then a larger bridge at Kickapoo Creek. If you look way off to the right you can see Duke's house (sorta). After the larger bridge you'll go up a hill, there'll be a church on the right and FM 3459 turns right, just before a manufactured home sales. Take it!!! You'll see street signs on the right; the third one is Yaupon Cove where you turn right. (about 1/2 mile from Hwy 190). Follow Yaupon Cove up the hills, down the hills, and around the curves to the end where you turn left onto Birch. It deadends into Laurel Cove. Turn right and the house is the first one on the right.

For those coming from Dallas (or Plano LadyLanche) come down I45 to hunstville take Hwy 190 east towards Livingston; Onalaska will be about 30 miles. You'll cross over the biggest bridge of the three as you come into Onalaska at Trinity River. You'll go through 2 red lights and then turn left onto 3459 and follow directions above.