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Eastern Nevada, Lets carAVan to the Mega Meet

Wildfire and NVbigdogs, looks like when you roll through Vegas you will have to flatten a few tires. :eek:
That way they will have something to do and a reason for not attending MEGAMEET.
I know I had a great time last year.  (y)
John - looks like you better get Konnie to start visiting houses and ringing doorbells!!
Just in case you missed it - register for the GTG here:


You don't want to miss this one!

Sorry friends, due to circumstances beyond my control I wont be able to make MegaMeet this year.  :needhug:

With 6 weeks left, actually 4 at the time of the GTG, the doctor wont give us permission to travel that far.
With the long vacations I took this spring and summer, as well as the short trips, my spare change is running low.
And, with the upcoming hunting season and, what else  :rolleyes: , oh yeah, the pending birth of our second child, I wont be having much time or money to play with for a few months.

I hope you all have fun, but I think most of us Nevada folk are running on fumes.  Maybe we need to actually visit the casinos and win some jackpots.    :laugh:  :laugh: (Like that really happens)