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Eastern Washington GTG...spokane?


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Jun 14, 2005
Sunnyside, Wa
Since it is now Spring I figured Id step up on the Eastside of the state and get something of some sort going, so if anyone has suggestions or something let me know cause i would like to get a get together goin, with some north idaho people maybe as well so ya let me know

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do you fly fish?  I have been wanting to get out there and fish some of the lakes in CWA.  I will be in yakima and wenatchee tomorrow!
How about the Sonic Drive-In in Post Falls?

Or any drive-in in the Spokane / Coeur d'Alene area?

Or Cabela's in Post Falls?
we could do that, be nice to get some more people but maybe if we just get to of us they may think theyre missin out on something lol
You folks should meet at the River Run - http://www.spokaneriverrun.com/ - I know it draws a fairly big crowd. My mom is even flying up to meet with relatives in the area to participate.
I'm not sure I understand the point of meeting at the River Run. I usually stay away from Spokane when they do these big runs, lots of people & traffic..... not really my thing.

So lets pick a place, hook up & talk truck for a little bit. If it's only a few of us, then I thought it would be cool to hook up at a drive-in, have a little lunch & see each other's Avs (although I haven't done a ton to mine yet). Sonic has descent burgers, chicks on skates, covered parking, etc. Cabela's has a restaurant inside, big parking lot, loads of things to look at (not really Av related).

As spring & summer move in, Post Falls & Coeur d'Alene have a lot of hot rod related events all over. Thursday nights at the Hot Rod Cafe & Indian motorcycle shop in PF are always a big deal, ie; cars, bikes, trucks, cruises, food, games, etc.

i do like the drive in idea i think itd be a sweet picture too with all the avs lined up at the drive in like they used to back in the day
So how about the Post Falls Sonic Drive-In this Saturday at noon? It's just off I-90, on highway 41 & Mullan. Heres a map & directions.

Looks like the weather is supposed to be cloudy but dry. Hopefully we're done with the snow. But what do they know?!

Ossco, can you make it? Herbie? Prime, how about makin the trip? Will be interesting to meet some other Av owners.
i think i have that day free, my parents were talkin about comin up but you never know with them so hopefully i can make it
k im meetin my parents in cda around 10ish, for breakfast so i can make it i may be alil late or on time i dunno, but i will be there so we still on?
Cool. We're talking about goin quad riding if the weather holds out. So I might have an ATV trailer in tow but we'll be there.
just saw this one happen.  Nice job fella's. post some pics of the av's.  I tell ya, I was in Yakima, eburg, wenatchee, Omak and Chelan the last 3 days for work.  I saw a ton of av's and some custom one's too.  I ran out of flyers and haven't printed any.  ANd I didn't have any stickers, so I was doubly screwed :E:

Hope you guys had fun, let me know if you need any washington state stickers, I can send them out to you.

it wasnt really a picturest (however you spell it) day partially snow and rain over cast but now its sunny, so no pics it was more of a chat gtg, but maybe we can get some more avs when it gets consistly sunny.  but still pretty good day

Was good to meet you & see your Av, Herbie. Pretty ugly day out, but was good to see the things that you did to your truck.

We both need some PNW or WA club decals for sure! Hopefully with the weather shaping up & all the hot rods coming out we can do this in larger numbers sometime.

We ended up going to Costco & filling up the tank & the bed with stuff. That place is tough to get out of without blowin your paycheck. $200 later & we made it home.
heine12oz said:
hells yeah, you better register and get some rooms, time is running out. 

your sticker is going in the mail tomorrow.  I sent to the L Lake address on your retrun address and not the check address, is that cool?

let me know when you get it.