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Easy Appearance Mod! (Polished SS Exhaust Tip)  



Just installed my first mod. No big deal, and there is info on this site regarding this, but if you are looking for an affordable appearance mod, I suggest the Gibson slashed polished stainless-steel exhaust tip. I used part number 500360 for the 5.3 L standard exhaust. (I do not know if the 8.1 L exhast is the same) The Gibson has a 3' inlet and a 3.5" outlet. Gibson offers a round tip (non-slashed) also. This tip is 12" long. They offer an 18" but I do not know if it will fit and the 12" hides very well. I went with the slashed to match the existing exhaust.

Easy to install. I wire brushed the existing tip and applied a little dish soap on the inside of the new one (only needed at the 3" portion of course). Slide it on and install the provided bolt. That is it! I am going to check the bolt over the next few days in case of metal expansion, but probably not necessary. I let the tip stick out about 2" beyond the existing tip. You can't see the old tip unless you look directly in.

I bought mine online at one of the gibsonperformance.com website online dealers. Shop for price there and elsewhere if you wish. I got mine for 44.95 with free FedEx ground shipping.
Here are the pics. Sorry the AV is dirty...rain,rain,rain!
I can't seem to add all pics to one post. I send multiple replies.


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Another. Oh, I checked and this new tip actually extends 4" past the old tip at the very bottom of the tip. You can walk safely around the truck without bumping it. You can choose the amount of extension.


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Sorry I forgot to rotate the last one. Duh!


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Last one. I hope I did not wear out my welcome with 6 pics of an exhaust tip. Just wanted to give a good idea of what it looks like.


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Gibson also has one with flames and another with stars for about $15 more.

These look nice and you don't have to wait at the muffler place to get them welded on. I might have to get me one too.

Good find!
Torrance, That is great! The weld shops will charge you at least $20 to install one and this way you can keep the stock exhaust tip on if you want!
Did you replace the factory Muff with some roar yet? Will this effect you if you do it later?
Yello Lab,

Everything on the AV is stock. I am actually happy with sound of the muffler. Although once I hear something better, I'll probably want it! I have not had a V8 engine since a 1970 340 Plymouth Cuda I had as a teenager back in 1975!
If I upgrade exhaust I guess I can always remove the tip and reuse or sell it. The Gibson tip secures with a bolt where the tube is split. Kinda tightens up like a hose clamp.