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Eaton Traction

that's one of the CAFCNA member's AV, no? If not it's similar (can't remember his name)
brirun95,rich,tomcosco, count me in on the eaton av is cool. our driveway mods are our heartbeat, that truck is'''Sponsered"" theres big bucks that absolutely look it.. did you see the roostertail of dirt?? when they get that front axle ,quick locker ready, i want one.... mod your way up,,,, avs rule!!!
Have you tried to Pm him....I don't remember seeing a post in sometime.... :B:
I think you mean Matts_U.A.V.

He last posted on 21 Aug... it looks like his 'cos of the painted cladding and the winch but his doesn't have the ribbed part under the door painted and also he has running boards. But maybe he has done some changes since these photos were taken


Here is the link to his site.