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Ebay headers


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Dec 28, 2011
Listings change all the time, so I wanted to ask. Is anyone familiar with some decent stainless long tube headers and Y pipe kit that will fit a Z71 4x4 avalanche?

Do headers that fit a 2003, 1500 Avalanche, also fit a Z71 4x4? Or is there a difference in fitment?

I found a few on eBay that state it's compatible with my avalanche package, but when I ask the seller, they claim my vin number doesn't show in the compatibility chart for the part, which makes me wonder if the seller actually knows what they are talking about?

The Ebay compatibility says it does.

Has anyone tried any stainless steel headers themselves or know if any that are affordable and work well with this set up?


This item says it's compatible

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Jul 11, 2002
Hampton VA (Langley AFB)
Yes they will fit. I hade Gidson headers. Take a look at these threads