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Escalade Door Handles


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Jan 31, 2003
Sherrills Ford, NC
With the WBH, the outside door handles are not painted, and are the black textured plastic. I checked around and all I saw from the factory that was painted was the Black Escalade handles. Well with a little more digging, you can order the outside Escalade handles already painted. Of course the trick is that your WBH color has to cross over to a EXT color. Well the parts guy verified that the Arrival Blue chevy color is the same as the Cadillac Out of the Blue, EXT color. Everything that I could find also came up with the same conclusion. Handles should be here next week. We will see. From what I could find out, a lot of the colors cross over, but have different names. You have to use the paint codes.
The chrome handles are Escalade Handles that Jason has and the price is very reasonable - cheaper than the dealer if memory serves. ;)
Just thought I would post the part#'s for the Arrival Blue Escalade door handles. LH Rear 15093427, RH Rear 15093426, RH Front 15093424, LH Front 15093425. Perfect match for the Arrival Blue Chev color.
More part numbers

15745148 & 15745149 Front Black

15745150 & 15745151 Front Red

15745141 lft rear unpainted
15745140 rt rear unpainted
I just bought these yesterday from my local dealer for $60 per pair. They are painted to match my Chevy Summit white, not Escalade's Diamond white. Help on installation, the dealer said it wan't too hard.