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Event Data Recovery System (Black Box)


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Jun 24, 2002
San Francisco, CA
Do our 2002 2500 Avalanche's some with the Vetronix" "EDRS?" ?I tried to get a straight answer from GM but no luck. ?If so, I'd like advice on how to erase the memory since I'd like to retain my Constitutional rights regarding self-incrimination....and ANY data generated by my truck belongs to me...not the law, not some Atty, and especially not an insurance company. ?The system is especially pernicious in that is stores the last 20 seconds or so of data immediately prior to an "event." ?Thinks like vehicle speed, TPS, Airbags off/on, seatbelts, brakes, Etc....

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Holly SH?T

This is interesting. I found this article on the web.


The company GM is using is


I checked the Avalanche BIBLE and could not find a reference to such a device. Is this for real? In the article is says GM is already using this system.
This is new information for me - I am not sure how I feel about this issue.

I can see con's if I am at fault. However, if there is a lawsuit and I am not at fault I would want the data.

Humm Big Brother or a good thing??????
The page msimpy connects to indicates that this does not record pre-crash data...

Hmmmm, something more to read about.
OMG NO!!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

They'll find me, they'll catch me, they'll make me do bad things again :cry:

:C: :C:
We need to get used to the fact that, if "Big Brother" wants to watch you, he can. E-mail and cell phones are not private. Even wired phones are not very secure. Portable phones in your house put out a signal that anyone with a scanner can pick up if they want to. Your location can be determined from your cell phone if you are using it, or even just have it turned on. Your speed can be detrmined by the GPS (such as onstar), or from an aircraft, or from a satelite, or from your entry and exit times on a toll road. I don't worry about this stuff. My life is an open book, and I have nothing to hide. I am much more concerned about some hacker getting my credit card and social security numbers and running up bills in my name (this happened to my wife). Such is life in the 20th century. Most of us don't need to worry about being eaten by wolves, we have new things to be concerned about.
Paranoid or not, I want to disconnect mine. Anyone know how?

Hmm, maybe I should log out before posting this. Nah...
Agreed. Just because "Big Brother" is capable of something doesn't make it right. Worse, just because the current administration is patriotic doesn't mean that a Gore/Hillary/Lieberman administration might not decide that modified 8.1 liters are "illegal" for civilians and disable them....The OnStar is capable of that TODAY. Say our Gov't fears a panicked exodus from NYC/DC/L.A....our highways can be effectively blocked by shutting down just a few thousand cars....and if they can unlock your door...they can lock them too.

I never thought my H&K 91 would be deemed illegal in CAL...so like a fool I registered it......Gonzo!

Today's technology can and will be used against law-abiding taxpayers. Resistance is not futile, but our Constitutional obligation to preserve our liberties for our successors...
SPF I couldn't agree more. ?The examples of incrementalism regarding data couldn't be more wide spread. ?Gun registration leading to confiscation, SSN #'s used as identification. ?Today this information is for research into crashes, tomorrow it is used to determine if you were speeding.

Bottom line is I own this vehicle, and I should have a choice of the data that is available from it. ?In the event of an accident it is too late, the legal system can be used to gain access to the data. ?This box is capable of much more damage than good, and I also would like to find a way to disable it.
ok, let's all take a deep breath (but I admire anyone willing to defend the rights guaranteed under our constitution for future generations).

It's under the center console.

But let me just suggest this: if you have a problem with this data being stored, then you should have a REAL problem with Onstar and any EasyPass / SpeedyPass drive-by toll type badge. Both can and have been used to describe your average speed between points, and your location on any given day.

For instance, if I were planning to commit the perfect crime, I would most definitely cut all of the Onstar wires before using my Av to do so, and leave the Easypass at home. Of course, the other big brother type threat would still get ya - some camera somewhere would show you coming and going. :eek:
<< It's under the center console. >>

Hmmm.... I was sure it was in those little rubber thingies on the tailgate that we've been wondering about...?

Remember the movie "Conspiracy Theory"? Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you! :mad:

I avoid detection by wrapping my head in foil whenever I go out! :2: :2: :2:
flynhigh said:
OMG NO!!!!! ?:eek: :eek: :eek:

They'll find me, they'll catch me, they'll make me do bad things again :cry:

:C: :C:
LMAO, made my day. ;D

Of course big brother is watching, how do you think we found ygmn ;D
The correct term is Event Data Recorder (EDR). IN Avalanches, the EDR is actually part of the Sensing and Diagnostic Module (SDM), the device which actually deploys the airbags and communicates that deployment to OnStar to assist those who can't help themselves after severe collisions. :3:

Your owners manual says:

"Your vehicle is equipped with a crash sensing and
diagnostic module, which records information about
the frontal air bag system. The module records
information about the readiness of the system, when
the system commands air bag inflation and driver?s
safety belt usage at deployment. The module also
records speed, engine rpm, brake and throttle data." :0:

Different GM models vary in the amount of information stored by the EDR. Typically, this information is only available in the event of a lawsuit or request from the customer. The most it can get is 5 seconds before the impact and a fraction of a second after.

This information is extremely useful for safety engineers, and I, for one, am glad it is there. There simply is no privacy interest in information that others observe (your crash), and safety engineering progress can only be made on the basis of reliable data. CART and NASCAR use EDRs to improve their safety. :cool:

For more information, generally, visit http://www-nrd.nhtsa.dot.gov/edr-site/ :)


I agree there are benefits to the EDR/SDM recording data for safety sake, however this is America, and private citizens should not be recorded or have data collected regarding their automobile without their consent.

Atleast NASCAR and CART drivers knowingly collect data to better their team, car and sport.

If GM or the NHTSA wants to collect data for safety improvements, great let them ASK owners or potential buyers to "Participate" in their collection program. And then they can either pay a fee to the owner or offer a substanial rebate to a prospective buyer for the privledge of collecting privately owned data.

If we roll over and just accept this data collection our SDM's will begin to be pulled and admitted in court routinely. Then the SDM will start collecting GPS data from the OnStar unit, and then...oh heck, call it what it is...SOCIALISM! Where the government decides where you can go, what you do, and oh by the way, limit all cars to the speed limit electronically based on GPS location!

Far fetched?

Just my .02
It's the truth fellas. Why is anyone afraid of the truth? What are you doing illegally? I would certainly like this info out of the kids car than ran into me a month ago. I have never understood why people lie about what happens in an accident. Suck it up and tell the truth you nambie pambies. Documented truth is even better if you ask me. :9:
Tiger said:
It's the truth fellas. ?Why is anyone afraid of the truth? ?What are you doing illegally? ?I would certainly like this info out of the kids car than ran into me a month ago. ?I have never understood why people lie about what happens in an accident. ?Suck it up and tell the truth you nambie pambies. ?Documented truth is even better if you ask me. ?:9:

Hey Tiger,

Whats the word on your AV? Have you picked one out yet? When you do, post some pics. We don't have alot of pics of the 2003's in here yet. I think there are 3 members with pics up right now. Anyway's.....keep us up to date on your quest for the AV!
gandolphxx said:
Of course big brother is watching, how do you think we found ygmn ;D

Yup you found me......now what ya gonna do with me >:D

Drive careful and use caution ...... if you break the law they have other ways to find out....accident investigation is a science now and people makes tons of money figuring out what happened......
"It's the Truth" Etc.....Maybe and maybe not (ever seen a PC make an error???), but any and all data that is generated by an asset belonging to me (I paid for it, Not Chevy, not the Cops, not my Insurance Co.)...What speed wud you reckon your rear wheels would indicate when spinning on Ice????

If you wreck on your own ranch driveway is it anyone business???????????????

If I'm driving on Hwy 80 by Wendover Utah (Salt Flats) at night with no traffic and I get hit by an Elk what difference does it make if was going 75 or 100 Mph?

The truth is I own weapons. Whose business is it what and how many I own.
Right on JM!

I couldn't agree more.

Long live the 2nd Amendment!

I have mixed emotions on this one. ?There has been a highly publicized story here in the Seattle area. ?Turns out a family from Bulgaria had their Honda Accord stall out on the interstate. ?It was on the weekend. ?Well just a few seconds after coming to a dead stop in light traffic and broad daylight they got slammed by a Ford Explorer. ?The Honda burst into flames. ?The mother, a two-year-old girl and a four-year-old girl burned to death after a secondary explosion. ?All of this was caught on traffic cameras as horrified bystanders watched. ?The father was pulled from the wreckage but died two weeks later from his burns.

By using the "black box" on the Ford Explorer, and by pulling phone records based on eye witness accounts the driver of the Explorer was deemed to be going 73 in a 60 and talking on their cell phone at the time of the accident. ?Now talking on the phone isn't a crime in itself - and going 13 over the limit isn't the end of the world either.

However - four people are now dead - and they died horribly - two of them children. ?To complicate things further the operator of the Explorer has never given a statement to police, has refused to cooperate with investigators, and is the wife of a local yokel police officer.

As others have pointed out, if I'm at fault - no I guess I wouldn't want that data there. ?That's human nature. ?But if the info could prove I'm not at fault, or did everything I possibly could to minimize the situation - I sure as heck would want every bit.

Just my two-cents worth - and frankly I hope they nail the operator of the Ford Explorer to the wall. ?How you couldn't tell your closing in on a vehicle at a dead stop in broad daylight in light traffic is beyond comprehension to me.
I'm with you Chief! I admit I use my cell every so often while driving, but have NEVER let it interfere with my driving. Just ask the people talking to me, they have to repeat themselves more often then the care to because I'm paying more attention to traffic and slowing down for more space between me and the car in front. And if possible I get in the "slow" lane as not to slow anyone else. I don't think it's just the cell phone (or other devices - CB's, FRS's, etc..) that causes things like this accident, I think it's just dumb people not paying attention. :8:

Here I'm glad the info was there to nail her. What I heard about this story too was that she claimed she was not talking on the phone at the time. :2: Not too bright - the phone records will always prove you wrong!

As much as I hate making mistakes, hard lessons of being caught in lies (as a kid) taught me that it's way less painful if you just own up to it from the beginning and start to make as much right as you can right away.
OK, enough about right or wrong, info collecting and all that rubish. If I am in a situation where I have to go someplace whether on or off road, I don't want some government agency pushing a button that disables my vehicle. :7:
Let's say the worst happens and the fan is hit by soft smelly stuff. :eek: I don't know about you, but if I want to get out of Dodge (the fictional town, not the car. Not that I wouldn't want to get out of a Dodge!) with my family, I want to be able to rely on my vehicle!
Of course, all this would be a moot point in the event of an airburst of a nuclear weapon. Goodbye electronics. I guess I'll have to keep an old car with the old point-style distributor. Lucky I got the old Camaro. >:D
I guess I better go check the bunker supplies...
I have this commentary recorded on a tape that I got six years ago that was broadcast over a southern country radio station. The guy was one of those good ole southern rough talking men.
It went something like this.

Now all them fellows in Washington, come up with another brilliant idea, which is to put a so called black box in all the cars and pickup trucks around, so they can nose into it after you have a wreck. Now what would that accomplish, nothing, except to say, "Yup he wrecked all right". and then they could see how fast you was going, and if you was a quart low on oil, and what all radio stations you might have been listening to at the time in order to write you up a whole slew of tickets. What kind of bozo would want a stool pigeon, incriminating bbbbbiiiggg old black box in his vehicle anyhow? I've got news for them creeps. A private car ain't quite the same thing as a government regulated passenger carrying airplane. The only black box you're going to find in my pickup truck is either going to be full of fishing tackle or carrying my lunch.
--- end
Well them creeps in Washington got there way, or so it seems.