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EVERYTHING Trailer Brake Controllers

Do a search "seo" with me as the poster, it will give you a idea where to move it.
You don't want to double up on 1 wire.

FtCAV said:
I bought a Primus IQ 90160 controller and the Tekonsha 3015-P harness. Super easy plug and play for my 2004 Z71.

There was one funny thing when I plugged the harness into the block under the dash: there was already a red wire attached to the upper right 'blade' in the block. I pulled it off, figuring it was something to do with the original trailer wiring. Well, that isn't the case.

I have a Viper remote start and the red wire has something to do with the control for it. I started the truck with the Viper but couldn't shut the engine off with the brake pedal (no key in ignition) or with the key in the ignition. The kill switch when opening the hood stopped the engine.

I started the engine again with the Viper and this time touched the previously disconnected red wire to the red wire on the controller harness. I just kind of forced the connector for the Viper wire into the controller harness red wire hole. (I hope that made sense). This time all the Viper controls worked correctly.

Do you think I can splice the Viper red wire to the controller red wire? Or maybe the better question is do you think I'll damage something it I try it?

Thanks for thinking about it.
Thanks for the help!! I'll hook my red Viper wire to the hot  plug in the Upfit cavity when I get home this afternoon.

This place is amazing.

Update: that didn't work. I got the same symptoms with the Viper. I tried all the open pins. I think the ones with 'always hot' always turn the truck on but I can't control it with the key. I'll play around more next weekend and see if I can figure out how the Viper is wired.

what model and brand controller do you have.

The 03-06 have a different wiring harness. So the controller should work but it is wired to the AV different on a 07.
FWIW, Best controller EVER!!  Pulling an 18' Sure-track car trailer and 3000# vehicle with a 2004 Z71 Avalanche that has the factory towing package.  Have brakes on both trailer axles and a 800# TW Fastway E2 hitch.  Zero sway - been up to 75mph (typically I tow at 65 mph) - tracks like a champ.  Slowing down is smooth and uneveantful - and I've never locked up a wheel, even when the trailer is empty.  Never had to do any adjustments from the factory settings on the controller.  Biggest problem I have is remembering the trailer is there.


Mounted in the left side of the lowest cubby underneath my radio in my 2004 - it's tiny!  Out of the way of everything but still sticks out enough to get at the manual brake function of the controller.  Had to lengthen the aftermarket jumper (to the brake controller connector) that I bought and run the wires through a hole I drilled in the back of the cubby.  Recognizes when trailer is plugged in and it turns itself on - otherwise keeps itself shut off.  Using 1 year so far.