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Exhaust Tap/groan From Drivers Side


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Jul 1, 2002
Pasadena, MD
I have had my AV for about 45 days now, and my best friend got one about 2 weeks after I did. When driving mine I usually have the radio on of the window open so I don't hear much from the engine. I noticed an exhaust tap noise about 3 weeks ago and when I drove in my friend I listened for and I could not hear it and I noticed that his was much quieter than mine, almost like I had a piece of insulation missing or an exhaust leak.

So, this past Tuesday, I went up to the dealership and asked if a mechanic could take a drive in my AV to take a listen to the exhaust, after a couple of miles, he finally said he could hear it, but that since you can only hear when the truck is under load while driving it would be nearly impossible to track it down. He asked me to bring it back if it got worse.

So, on Wed's I just couldn't take it anymore, and made an appointment to have it checked out. On Thur's morning I dropped it off and told the service adviser to drop the exhaust, pull the oxygen sensors, pull the exhaust manifold, etc., do whatever they had to to find the problem and fix it!

Thur's afternoon he calls and tells me they are still working on it and it would be ready Friday. On Friday I call to check the status at about noon and he tells me they can't find anything wrong with the truck! :8: I re-stated to him, JUST GO DRIVE ANOTHER AV OFF THE LOT AND YOU WILL HEAR THE DIFFERENCE!!! at about 3:30 in the afternoon he calls my house and tells my wife that my truck is done. I call him and ask if they found the problem? You can already guess what his answer was, NO.

That afternoon my buddy drives me up to pickup my AV and I ask the Service adviser to to take a ride with me to see if he could hear the problem. After the test drive I then ask him to take a ride in my friend's AV so that he could hear the difference. After returning from the drive in my friend's AV, he says yes, they did not even have to make it out of the parking lot before he could hear the difference. So, I asked him why they had my truck for 2 days and never bothered to pull anything to find the problem? He then told me that they would keep the truck and do what I originally asked them to do. BUT, he had to get the SERVICE MANAGER to ok it first.

The service manager comes out, thenthey decide to take my truck out for a drive to hear the problem. After returning I then ask the service manager if he could hear it? he replyed yes, then I asked him to take a ride
in my friends AV to hear the difference, HIS reply is, I don't have to, the noise coming from your truck is acceptable. I asked him if that meant that they were not going to pull the exhaust system, and he said "that's exactly what I mean, no 2 trucks sound alike and there is nothing wrong with your truck" and proceeded to walk away.

NOW, the noise coming from my truck is not so load that I can't drive it, and it doesn't seem to be affecting the preformance of the vehicle. BUT, I paid alot of money for this vehicle, and I have driven others before I bought mine and I drove a demo after the mechanic drove mine on tuesday, and they did not make any such noise.
What do you guys think I should do? Should I pursue this with GM or am I being too meticulous about my truck?

Thanks, sorry this post was so long......

The service manager is full of S**T. I just bought my second Av, a 2500 this time, and it has been in the shop for a week and a half out of the two weeks that I have owned it. The reason is that before I take it home, it must be PERFECT! Like a brand new $40,000 truck should be. I will accept nothing less. It is getting all of the TSB work that I found on this site completed. They gave me a new rear window even though mine was only barely starting to crack, they are fixing some minor scratches, modified the fuel filler neck, and repainted the roof under the door weather seals due to rust caused by the roof rack installation. The only reason they are doing all of this is because I absolutely insisted that they do it. And I would not take no for an answer. I was very polite and explained that I just spent $40,000 for a new truck and I expect it to be PERFECT until I break it myself. Now they are even giving me free accessories because they have had the truck for so long. I did have to request that the dealership's general manager be brough into all of our future conversations and that's wen they became very nice to me. Go figure.

Call the dealership and ask the service manager that blew you off to give you his bosses name and phone number. And then call his boss. I bet he will be nicer next time.
This is Bull! Call the GM 800 number, and ask for the Regional GM rep to contact you.
I got excellent results with some issues I was having, and was treated about the same. I ended up at a different dealer, took a while and several trips, but all is well, and they WORKED to fix it, not blow me off.
Have you tried a better dealership?

The problem is he probably will nmot get paid for locating the noise just the time for the parts or labor to fix the noise....so he will loose money.

Find a better dealership that cares about its business and I bet your noise gets fixed.