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Extra Security, Lockboxes?


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Jun 5, 2002
Douglas, MA
I've been thinking about buying a GPS here... but can't get myself to pull the trigger and spend $750 just yet.

One thing that worries me, is if this thing gets lifted from me when I'm away from the truck. The more I think about it, the more I realize I could probably benefit from some added security in the truck. I have a few small valuable items with me at times that I'm not too fond with leaving them unattended, when I can't bring them with me. (like when mountain biking, for example).

I'm not much of an alarm person. I don't want another key fob, another pager... and a truck that wakes me up in the middle of the night because my cat walked on it. :cautious:

I'm wondering if anyone knows of any consoles for GM vehicles, or any generic lockboxes, like [link=http://www.tuffyproducts.com/lockbox/boxes.html]these ones from Tuffy[/link] that'll fit somewhere in the interior of our vehicles?

About the only place I can think of mounting one of these generic boxes would be under the rear seats (not too good for me, I have subs going there), in the small 6" area in between the rear seats and the midgate (a tight fit for most of these), or out in one of the side compartments... (that'll take up some valuable room with these permanent mount boxes).

Any idea's, anyone??
Hey, you found my stash!! ?;)

Yeah, I hide my radar detector there on occasion. :) ?As of last weekend though, I have a pair of crossovers living there, so there's less room than before. ?I'm sure I could relocate them further up, in the under-dash area of the console. ?

I wouldn't mind losing the console a/c ducts, in all honesty, if I could get a Tuffy box to mount in there nicely enough... Thanks for the idea. :)
That mini lockbox, and maybe some others (I haven't looked at everything on that site yet) would probably fit under the hood in the space where a second battery would go. Depends how much trouble you're willing to go to to put stuff in. Raising the hood to lock something away is a bit more obvious but still no one would know what you're up to...
What about adding a lock to the center consule like the yukons have. I am not sure of how to do it,But I would like somewhere to lock stuff up in. I am looking for something to keep the valet's hand off anything loose in the truck. They make some nice small gun safes for cars now too that can hold a decent amount of stuff.
You'd let a valet park your Av?? ? :eek: ?I saw a report ?on 20/20 or DateLine a few months ago that showed something like 90% of valets stealing, not knowing there was a hidden camera in the car watching them.

Does the Yukon have a lock that's more substantial than the current lock on the Av console? What's there right now isn't the strongest in the world but will keep the valet from pilfering loose change.
I know wht you guys are talking about I am always trying to figure a good place to put valuables in the truck, where they are out of site and safe.
I could probably put something under the back seats for now, because I am not using that area for anything.

-James R. :cool: