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factory dvd bypass


New Member
Aug 26, 2007
Hey gang, I'm new to forum. I have a black '07 LTZ AV. It has the factory Bose navi, DVD,and rear overhead DVD. I've added aftermarket upgrades. I changed out the cheap paper factory speaker with MB quart premium mids and highs pushed by a 600 watt MTX 4 channel amp. I also added a single loaded 10" Probox pushed by a MTX 400 watt amp. Factory tweets and 8" sub still operational. Not to brag but system is load, clear and bangin'. Problem is, I would like to bypass front video. So, it will play while I drive. Of course its for passenger. I drive professional in a big rig everyday. I would never put your family or mines in harms way. I also found out that the rear DVD is rgb video. Is there a way to add screens in the headrest and tie it into the factory DVD system without having to buy a 300$ rgb converter. Thanks for your input, RORO