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Factory TPM Not Possible On 2003's


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Jan 23, 2003
San Jose, CA

Wanted to post an update from a previous post from me regarding "turning on" the factory tire pressure monitoring system on the 2003 AVs. Here's the previous thread:

teksavy said:
Yes, the 03s have the ability to monitor the tire pressure as the cluster uses the RF remote antenna to pickup the signals from the tire pressure monitors. All you have to do is use the tech2 to turn on the functionality and add the tire pressure sensors to the wheels. I plan on doing this, I need to get the part numbers for the tire pressure monitors off of the 03 Caddy EXT and I'm set. Anyone else interested?


Well the dealer and I tried to turn on the factory Tire Pressure Monitor on my 2003 AV and unfortunately the option to turn it on wasn't there. I followed the instructions from the GM Techline publication here. The special functions option wasn't there. It is possible that a module needs to be "recoded" so the feature it on, but without an AV with it to check against, it doesn't look possible. Hopefully the 2004 models will shed some light on this.

BTW, I called Dal and the actual tire pressure monitoring modules (installed in the tire) are about $60/ea. They are made by an Irish firm Schraeder under the name SmartValve. I tried called the US distributor and they wouldn't even think about selling to anyone OTHER than GM. :(


I'm hoping the 04's will shed some light on the "recalibration numbers". But even with that, I'm afraid that the tech2 may use VIN numbers to turn on/off functionality, so even if you recode a module, it still won't work.