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Factory Window Tint

I have the tint as well. Point of interest. Local laws prohibit the sale of dark tinit windows on new vehicle in some areas. Although few dealers abide by that law it is true. Florida is an example. The tint on the AV is ILLEGAL by Florida law ... but that hasn't kept them from selling them tinted. Chevy dealers by FL law have to sell untinted windows or tinted no more than 35%. The tinit on the back windows of the AV AND MOST SUVs is greater than 35%
When I bought my Avy in Late December my dealer explained that Chevy had some supplier problems. The two he mentioned were the hard covers and the rear door deep tinted windows.
To solve the hard covers Chevy offered the Soft Tonneau cover with a $600 credit. There was/is no credit for the windows. :(
The Deep Tinted Windows is a standard feature. My dealer had a customer complain about the lack of the tint and he had aftermarket tint installed for the customer. If you don't have the deep tinting I would complain to you dealer and have them tint the windows. It's worth a shot.
The only draw-back is that it its only a film instead of a special glass. :mad:
I have seen some with out tint but most seem to have the 16" wheels ie inexpensive verions.
My Av is loaded except for the block heater and roof rack. The window sticker lists it as "REAR PASS DOOR GLASS TINT CREDIT" "-150.00" dollers. The frame build date is 5/29 so I assume that they had problems getting the glass.
The only instance that I've seen the Av's without the rear tint...most of the time the customer does not wish to have it.....kind of like the running boards...hard tonn...Chevy will give you a price delete if you don't wish to have these items.....which are considered standard feature.... :)
Teking, please check the following attached site.

As stated in this site, the rear window tint is leagal in almost every state, including FLA.
Some states may have changed and the site might not have updated yet. Take for instance Missouri, you can now run as dark as 33% on the fronts.
Very good site to use as a ref.

I think some one has told you a misnomer. I am also from Fla and I have a friend that has a tint shop on Fla and has tinted windows in all of my vehicles.

The % of tint darkness will vary based on what type of vehicle you drive. For 2-door cars the you can go as dark as 28% and for 4-door cars, the front 2 doors can only got to 28%, but the rear doors can be as low as 15%.

SUV's limits are identical to to 4-door cars expect the
rear doors and back window can be as low as 6%.

So if you are living in Fla get them windows done to the max the law will allow. You won't regret it. :D :D
Amen to the tint in Florida.

I do have a question about the factory tint. Isn't the back window supposed to be tinted as well? My rear side windows are tinted, but not the back???
My rear window is tinted...stock form...right from the dealership...I looked at the sticker and didn't remember seeing some special note regarding the vehicle tint... :)
All window tint is up to the dealership unless you order one. The dealer can order one for his lot and choose to have the window tint deleted. Usually they all come with it unless you ask not to have it.