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fender flares? for 2500

Iowa Farm Jim

Full Member
Oct 7, 2006
Can anyone point me to someone who makes fender flares for a cladded avy? 2500, specifically, but with my off-road tires, it kicks up a fair amount of dirt, would like to get a 2-3" flare to keep it in the wheel well and not on the body.
NO ONE on this whole forum has found anyone who makes fender flares for the avy? All you guys with 60" wide tires just let them hang outside the truck spitting up dirt?
Not for cladded avalanches... which 2500 are.

I have seen some but they look custom...
I am still looking for some for a non-clad 1500 and have had no luck I really need some that are about 4-5" wide to stay legal.   Let me know if you have any luck or find someone who fabs them.