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Finally A Spotting! 101 Near Snta Maria


SM 2003
Full Member
Jul 15, 2002
Coarsegold, CA.
I finally have seen another AV on the freeway with Amber DRL's. This was Saturday 4-19. I was southbound, they Northbound on the 101 near Santa Maria. Was white 02 I believe. Who was it???

I was towing a 24' Travel Trailer.
Wasn't me, Mines Black and I live farther North >:D
I spotted my first av with a club sticker a few weeks ago on I 35 just north of Dallas.They got on the interstate right in front of me and only went a few miles before they got off. It was black with red Z 71 stickers and back up lights in the back window. I am a truck driver and was in my semi so I didn't get their attention and even if I had they wouldn't know why. :rolleyes:

did the trailor have any red markings on it? I think I have seen this white av before.....

No, the White AV was not towing, I was. Come on, they have to be here. Either that or they saw a club member with Amber DRLs and decided to copy. Hmmmmm.
Last week I was at a red light in Newbury Park and waiting to go the other way across from me was a White Av with amber DRL's. I don't know who it was, but they flashed lights at me and we waved when they passed - so a club member for sure.

We have a mystery club member on our hands here! Someone will have to corner them...