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Fire Extinguisher



Was thinking of getting a chrome one to mount inside the truck. Any ideas on mounting locations?

I thought about this one too. Just don't know where the heck it would go without being a danger to my passengers.

Mine is not inside the Av but is in the left top storage bin in the area above the wheel. That area is almost useless for anything else, but great for the extingusher. I left it in the box (opened box).
i did the same ... in the right bin ... out of the box ... i think i got a 10lb abc to fit. It is a rough service type i found at home depot.
Here is a picture of one of mine. I had to have it noticeable for sponsor requirements and tried several spots before deciding on this spot. I also have one mounted on the underside of the rear cargo side doors.


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I keep mine under the back seat, but it's slow to get at particularly with the midgate down. Matts, how firm is the mount for the extinguisher where you have it? I'd worry about it coming down on our passengers heads.
I was concerned also about it wobbling or shaking so I put a small metal braket behind it and the headliner and it has worked out great.
Hey Matt..

That install looks great ! ?:eek: :eek:

Fire Extinguisher

Who is your sponsor?

I will support them with a purchace and copy your install (y)
That Chrome Extinguisher is a very hot looking chrome piece ashame to hide that anywhere not to be seen.
hey Irontrain - that's exactly where my fire extinguisher is mounted too - now ;)

Thanks for solving the dilemna of where to mount it for me. That spot makes great sense . . . another great reason to keep looking around this site! (y)
after reading the post on mounting the flash light under the storage bins.. I bought and mounted a fire ex under the other side storage bin... just like iorntrains. good to see minds that work alike. :rolleyes: i'll have photo's posted soon.

BTW this is my 200th post!

~BIGRED, 200... and counting!
jackalanche said:
. . . another great reason to keep looking around this site! ?(y)

YEAH!!!!!! :love: :B:

I have seen a couple of fire extinguishers at walmart. They are made by first alert, but I don't know which one to get. I know some of you guys have the ones that I'm talking about.

If you can tell me which one is the best to get, i'd appreciate it.

Thanks! :cool:
Here is my install ?;)

Special THANKS to Matts_U.A.V. for letting me copy his install idea!
I supported Matts sponsor, APC, using their satin flamed chrome model ?:cool:

Before i do this mod can anyone tell me what kind they are getting? How heavy is it? Did the mounting bracket come with it? Does the original torx screws work for this? Any help would be much appreciated.
I did the mod using a fire extinguisher from Menard's. It came with the bracket and weighs about 31/2 lbs,and it's made by Kidde. I went with a BC for Flammable liquid and electrical fires. I would reccomend an ABC which is better all around for fighting wood, paper, cloth, flammable liquids and electrical. I will probably replace mine with an ABC. You can use one of the torx screws, but I recommend a couple self tapping screws. I used #8 x 5/8 self tappers and they worked great. Feel free to drop a line with any other Q's.
Also, the compartment lid is angled just enough to hold it open with the extinguisher. If you want more angle on the lid, you probably could cut the tether and install a longer one to increase the door angle.
I am planning to do this mod when I have time but FYI I would recommend an ABC extiguisher as others have installed, it covers your butt in all situations as far as fires go.

If any of you guys are looking for white extinguishers you can find them at your local Marine Store.

I am planning putting it in the storage bin passenger side in the bed. I am going with a red extinguisher, if I was to go with a chrome one it would definetly be in the cab somewhere.
Thats a nice looking spot for the extinguisher.

I wouldnt do it on mine though. Ive seen way too many accidents where heavy/dense objects become lethal projectiles inside the cab. Guarantee you those 3/8" screws would not hold a can of soda in a 20 mph rear end collision (God forbid). The ball bearing in a can of spray paint comes to mind. My humble $.02

My extinguisher is going on the driver side storage bin.