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First Long Trip This Weekend



Ahhhhh my dad just got done should i say "trying" to pack enough clothes n suticases for 4 people and 1 dog in my moms trailbalzer :eek: ( wouldn't even try to fit in my brothers s-10 xtreme or his silverado) SOOOOOOO guess who's truck can fit about 1,000 bags ( seems it) 4 people and 1 dog comfortable (y) thats right thats right ITS MINE!!!!! we are going to the poconos in pennsylvania we own a house there right on the lake....hopeing to get sum nice ass pictures... i hope my truck doesnt get over looked at by the neighbors... ( aunt just got a ext ) o ya did i add theres going to be about 20 of us in this house haha fun stuff....but ya so if u see an orange av driving towards the poconos its most likely us im not sure if i will be driving or not :8:
Have fun AvyChick . . I can relate . . both in terms of the versatility of the Av and in such 'family reunioun' weekends! Such chaos can be fun - for a while ;D

Hope you get to drive!
Have a Good Trip!

Can't wait to see the pics! I hope the instructions I sent you help when you are ready to post them.

My dad insisted on driving my AV on the first road trip the weekend after I bought mine and I am 35! :mad:

I suspect alot of non-Avalanche owners would "offer" to drive... lol

Have a fun and safe trip!

I hope you have fun on your trip
I am taking my AV up to Wallowa Lake and camping out in the back of my AV for a night. I love how the AV can change ;D