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First Member Brochure!


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Feb 10, 2002
North Carolina
Hey, I handed out my first member brochure! Believe it or not, the wife and I were going through the McD drive-thru at 1:30am and saw an Ava pull into the gas station/conv. store next to the McD. Sooooo, after we got our stuff, I pulled over beside and said Nice truck, and handed him the brochure, he looked a little at first like "what is this guy trying to give me at 1:30 in the morning", but after he looked at it, he said " Oh cool!!" so hope he visits and signs up.

How has everyone else been doing with distributing brochures?
I have been putting them up on some of the public bulletin boards here in the area, but I haven't handed any to any Av owners yet. Currently there are on 3 or 4 in the county and that includes mine!!
The Chief has handed one directly to an owner (didn't seem very interested) and have place four more on parked Avalanches - two in one day in the same parking lot (three Av's in the same say 150 to 200 car lot, what's the odds of that)

Viva la grassroots!!!

;D ;D ;D ;D
I've got mine printed up and ready to go. I've been looking to put them on parked Avs, as I find them. There just aren't too many around here yet.

A black Av, with NJ plates passed me on PA 476 yesterday, near I95, and we exchanged waves. Didn't have any carrier pigeons with me, so I couldn't get a brochure to him. ;)
Yeah, know what you mean. I've seen a couple like that too where I couldn't get to them, but there are a lot of them around here. Just started a night class last week, and saw one there, but I wasn't on the Ava (curse the thought!) so I didn't have my brochures with me. I'm going to drive the Ava Monday night to class and see if its back. If its there, it will get one on the windshield...
I haven't had a chance to actually hand any out yet, but I did share a horn with an indigo blue Av....that was sitting at a light as I was hauling a kitchen cabinet set in my Av....

There really is a sense of commrodery...among Av owners... :)
NJAV said:
There really is a sense of commrodery...among Av owners... :)
'Ya know, because the Av is such an atypical vehicle, I wondered if this might be the case. Having owned both a Corvette and Jeeps, I'm familiar with the "wave" thing. :D
Let me in on the brochure thing, I was in the dark about the web site till a friend and co-owner told me about it. I am more than willing to spread the word and pass out parafanalia if it helps the site. All for one, ya know...someone please email me with the info or brochure and I can reproduce it on my puter.
I actually got one Saturday, but the snow made some of the colors run. Oh well, I'm already here, but it was cool to get one!!
I talked to my dealer today about giving these to their new AV buyers... hmm he is seriously thinking about it. ?The owner is a true car guy and has been a great supporter of local car clubs for quite some time. ?He recently took my local Impala SS club IndipalaSS (http://www.indipalass.org) into his dealership with open arms. ?So I think he will let me run with it.... ;D

On the other hand I have been able to hand out quite a few Brochures to some of the locals... (kind of used to doing this), they kind of look at you funny at first but then they smile at you and go with it... ?:cool: ?Some of them are current owners of the special edition Brickyard 400 AVs (I believe only 100 of these have been made)... so wish me luck with this endeavour and pray I don't get shot one of these days ?;D. ?

Take care...

Some of them are current owners of the special edition Brickyard 400 AVs (I believe only 100 of these have been made)

What is the Brickyard 400 ?????????

Is this another thunder AV.

The Brickyard 400 is one of the top races for the NASCAR circuit. ?It is held in early August at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. ?For the past several years Chevy/GM has been providing the track with several vehicles for use at this event (and the Indianapolis 500). ?This year the cars of choice for GM was a yellow Monte Carlo (PACE CAR), 40 35th Anniversary Edition Camaros (Event Cars) and about 100 Victory Red Z71 Avalanches (Support and parade vehicles). ?Each of these vehicles are then sold to dealers around the country for resale after the IMS is done using them. ?Here is a link to a couple of photos shot by the IMS at last years Brickyard... check it out


This is a photo taken from a high vantage point of Jeff Gordon taking a parade lap. ?You can see how cool the AV looks when dressed in Brickyard colors... ?:cool:


This is an awesome shot of most of the AVs coming down the straightaway from turn 4... It is almost too much to hold off the tears... such a beautiful sight... :cry:

I had the opportunity to drive one during the event and almost managed to buy it... but there were several features I was looking for in the AV that I felt the BY400 package lacked (no sunroof, no 8100 engine and no leather). ?If someone is interested in buying one of these cars I know the folks at National Car Leasing in Indy have one left. ?LMK and I will put you in touch with them... hehehehe... ?;D

:eek:ALRIGHT CALL ME A DUMB--- but where do we find the brochure information to print out. i have one guy at work that has a z66 and a friend that has a z71. they just had a huge sell on them down here since the dealership had ordered 40 of them all shapes and sizes to pull the floats for mardi gras. chevy gave them extra discount on top of the 2002 rebate that really made some sweet deals,,,,,,,,,,,,aughhhhhhh how do you think i got mine...........
I put a brochure on a metallic black '03 AV today at Bel Air supermarket in Rocklin. I printed out ten yesterday to pass out.