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First Time AV Buyer


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May 1, 2007
I am seriously considering purchasing a new 2007 Avalanche.  I have always liked the look of this vehicle driving down the road.  Took a test drive and was very impressed. 
I have one concern:    the black plastic bars running from the cab roof to the top of the truck bed .......  on every 1-2 year old AV I see on the road, without fail, this plastic has faded to a dark grey color.    I know the Cadillac EXT has paint on these bars.  Can the AV be ordered with paint?  OR, can I find someone in North Georgia to replace the plastic with paint as an after-market option ???    I am having trouble pulling the "purchase-trigger" for a $40-50K vehicle which I know will have faded trim issues in a few months.
Are you refering to the "sail Panels" as we call them? The triangle window thing that is behind the cab? These do fade on the older AV that are grey...many members have had body shops sand them and paint them or get GatorBack Coating applied. Do a search on both of these and you will find many pics.
Caldding Fade can be hidden with detailing products some last days others weeks and yet others months...

or have it "gatorback" painted under warranty when it fades
Thanks for the GatorBack info. 

This product appears to have promise and if I have problems with the "snail panels",  GatorBack should have a product which will restore to original look.

Any suggestions on which product to use to protect the 'snail panels' from discolorization ??
Look in Detailing section for many threads on Cladding products
you didn't say whether the AV you're looking at is faded..

Personally, I've not had too much problem with it... some on my 02... after that, they've been darker and don't seem to fade as much... Of course I live in a state that doesn't get ANY SUNSHINE EVER  :E: :E:   

sorry... it's been a long cloudy winter... NOTE TO SELF... must go to Hawaii and get some sun    :D

OK back to you're concerns
I normally don't see the fading on the sail panels as much as the cargo covers...
They can be treated, painted, replaced, protected.
The advantages and versitility FAR outweigh some of the concerns of the AV... the bed configuration and storage is a win win situation.

GL in your search...
I believe you're gonna love the AV~~~ 

Oh Ya  :welcome: