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Flat Tire Tonight...


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Feb 6, 2002
Well I get to work tonight about 9:00 pm eastern time..and I'm getting ready to walk inside when I notice a hissing noise coming from the front of my rig...so I go to investigate..sure enough I got a slit about 1 inch long in my front passenger side AT/s...

I then commence to pull out the spare and my handy dandy tire changing kit...which I might add comes with a nice pair of gloves to protect the ole hands etc....very nice....

Go underneath and pull out the Firestone (yuck!)...still have to bring that up to the dealership but that's a whole story all together.....took me about 15 min..for a complete change...cleaned up and went to work.....all in all not that bad...now I have to go and get that goodyear fixed after work this morning.....oh well.. :B: :B::B: :B:
Are you saying someone slashed your tires?

That would make me so :8:
I wouldn't think so...because of the location of the slit was more inboard than outboard...and I'm assuming is someone was to slash them they would go for the sidewall instead...but you did bring up a good point...I drove over 15 miles on the highway with that puppy going on me..... :B: