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Flowmaster 50 Series SUV or Big Block


Full Member
May 12, 2007
Hi All, Cladded 2003 1500 AV 5.3l - I'm thinking of going with either the 50 series SUV Muffler or the 50 Series Big Block muffler with 2.5" to the back with stainless tips... Anyone running one of these?  They are supposed to be quieter than the 40 series and by the sound links on the FM website, I think a little more of the sound I'm looking for than the 40 series... Any input?
go 70 series if ya want quieter then 40....
Its really hard to tell from sound clips.  I'm happy with my FM50.  The 40 was too loud and the 70 was too mellow for me.  But sound is subjective.  You really need to hear them in person (outside, and while at speed).  Check out your area for GTGs.  Good luck!