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Fluid Capacities & Amsoil


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Apr 26, 2002
Orlando, FL
I'm going 100% Amsoil. I've been using it in the crankcase since the first 3000 mile change. But I'm getting ready to buy for the transmission, rear end, and transfer case. Can somebody tell me how much I need for each of these changes? And while I'm at it, is there really any advantage to switching to the Series 2000 oil from the XL-7500? With a Z-71 running 4.10 gears I know I'm not going to get great mileage but will I see ANY difference in the two oils? I reach my 6 month filter change way before my 7500 mile mark. I'm sticking with Amsoil no matter what. But is there any benefit to switching from the 7500 to 2000?

Appreciate any input.


I am a avid Amsoil user. The enging oil I use is the 25,000 mile/1 year oil in a 5w-30. I change my filter at the 6 month intraval. Are you a preferred customer or a dealer with Amsoil? If your neither of these you can become a preferred customer for $20.00 a year and get in the neighborhood of about 25% off retail prices. These are the same prices the dealers pay. Check out their website at www.Amsoil.com
I am a preferred customer so I get the reduced prices and since there is an Amsoil warehouse in Orlando about 10 miles from my house I avoid any shipping.

My problem is I need to buy transmission and gear oil for my Avalanche but don't know how much.

Any help?

If you have a 1/2 ton Avalanche with the 8 1/2 ring gear the fluid capacity is just under 2 quarts.
As for the transmission, If you intend to just change the fluid in the pan and the filter six quarts should do it. However, if you want to flush the torque converter by disconnecting the cooler lines and pumping the fresh fluid through I normally use 12 quarts. If you are not familiar with this procedure let me know and I can send you the details. Have fun.