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Free Avalanche Windshield Graphic


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Apr 11, 2002
Tallmadge, OH
Yesterday I received in the mail an offer from Chevy.

An Avalanche Windshield Graphic Redemption Form.

The form states:

"Purchase a new Chevy Avalanche* and $100 worth of GM accessories (at Dealer Retail price) from Jan 1, 2002 to Dec 31, 2002 and receive, at no additional charge, this Avalanche Windshield Graphic."
*Bought new and still retain.
Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

The letter states that the form is also available by calling toll free 1-866-901-9001 or online at www.gmaccessorieszone.com

Just send proof of purchase (copy of invoice with Avalanche Accesories part numbers) and completed entry form to:

Avalanche Accessories HQ
P.O. Box 354
Flint, MI 48501

Sending mine today. (y)
I was just about to get that ;D

Thanx for the info!! That's $25 saved..............

or I could use it for Av logos for the cladding and tailgate! >:D

I think I have calls to make ;)

Thanx again!

BlackJack "Love this Truck!" :love:
I don't know if that's all a great deal considering you have buy $100 worth of accessories at retail.

If you buy the same accessories from a site sponsor you might only pay $60 and have $40 left over to buy the free $35 windshield graphics for $25. Total cost to you about $85!

Just a thought.

Show me the list you are ordering so we can do a price comparison for you. ?;)
I wondered about the wording of the offer.

Do you have to pay retail price for the items to be eligible or does the sum of the items' costs at retail have to exceed $100?

Plus I bought my Av in October 2001 (not during 2002.)

Either way I have spent over $100 (at cost plus 10% - never paid retail) and it will only cost me a stamp and 6-8 weeks to find out if I qualify.

I'm cheap? ;D I can wait.
From your original post, it appears you have to purchase $100 worth of accessories at Dealer Retail Price.
If it's at retail price it's not worth it! :p

But if it's from dealer, I'm good. :D

My dealer gives me the GM wholesale price on stuff. That is not as good as gmpartsdirect but I have no shipping so my end cost is lower.

I'm thinking of getting the protection package.

gmpartsdirect price: $115
Shipping $ 35
Avalanche decal $ 25

total cost: $175 :mad:

Dealer wholesale: $140, no shipping, free decal

$35 savings!! :D

If anybody has a better deal, I'm interested 'cause money is money

Love this Truck!
BlackJack :B:
stripeman gets $25 and I can choose the color. No brainer here. just a ploy to get you to order Chevy Parts.
vf454 said:
but can you get it in different colors?

Not yet.

It is larger and better quality from what I have seen. Like I said compare the two for yourselves. ;D
Jeeze, the way you people talk, you'd swear GM is stuffing this down your throats. Get real, it's FREE. Yes, you have to buy GM accessories, but I think most of us already have purchased more than $100 in that. Who here has a GM brush guard?

If you're not happy with the offer, keep quiet. Personally, I am thankful that this was pointed out. I swear some people have nothing better to do than complain.
I just received this thing in the mail today from GM. I bought my Av almost a year ago and I live about an hour from flint :rolleyes: ??? SLOW DOWN GM YOUR MAKING ME DIZZY..... :9:
Got mine in the mail a couple days ago.
Since I've all ready spent over $100 on accessories,
I figured heck, send for it. How often do you get anything for free these days. Especially something from GM that says Avalanche on it. Thanks Gm for doing something nice for your Avalanche owners. :B:
GoldBowTie said:
You're welcome.

(Shameless post. ?Trying to get to 100.)

You can still get a better deal buying from a site sponsor and have change to spare.

(Shameless post. Trying to get to 2000!) >:D
I have searched....What is the GM P/n for the windshield decal???
ygmn said:
I have searched....What is the GM P/n for the windshield decal???
Thanks Gooey >:D
ygmn said:
Thanks Gooey >:D

You're not a thread killer...you enhance it!!! >:D ;D (y)

By the way...izzit possible that they meant you have to spend what WOULD be $100.00 retail??? I mean...could you spend less but RETAIL it woulda been $100.00 bux then you qualify??? Just a thought...I am sure itz the other way but I'm still sending it in...I wanna see if they wanna lose further business by axing it...I will report, sir!
I cant seem to find the form for the free decal on the website?

Can someone point me to it?