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Free Avalanche



i just went over to e bay motors and they have a drawing for an avy!!!!! Its only good for a couple of days and If a avy club member wins it it would be justice for us all I had to share thi with the club
I am for the first time replying to my own topic-----free avalanche to clarify the fact that on e bay---motors they say there is a 1 in 10000 hance to win an av enter by july 25 why am i doing this???? if i win it we will have two avs in the driveway the only thing that could be better than the one out there right now
Thanx for the info got_change
I'll send you a pic after I win it!!!

Already entered! If I don't win and one of you does, you'd cut me a great deal, right? Come on, you don't need two!

If one did win one (for cost of tax/tag/ect. less proceeds from the PWC that could be sold) just think of all of the money that could be dedicated to mods!!!
hows the chief doing after the wrong turn ---to the hospital-- i hope you are----on the road again
did anybody find out who won the av Iguess i didnt but i could not find winner list on ebay....maybe the winner will become a club member and could start a special topic my free av... iwas hopin though