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From Ford To Chevy Avalanche


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May 19, 2003
Palm Harbor, Florida
Last week my 1988 F150 Broke down. I had it towed to the Ford dealer. A few days layer they called to tell me that they melted the wires under the dash and engine compartment. Ford dosn't make them anymore and getting an exact match from a junk yard (twin gas tanks, extended cad with 8'bed) would be very hard and the labor would run into thousands of dollars. I was off to look foe a new f150, after all I got a lot of value from my other truck. We were not getting what I concidered a good deal from the ford dealer the truck was at so I decided to shop around. While driving past the local Chevy dealer I saw a slightly used Harley f150 supercharged. I pulled in to check it out. It was way to nice for a work truck (General Contracting). The salesman asked if I would consider a Chevy. I said no and explained my reason. Right behind him was a black Z66 with crome side steps and custom grill. The truck didn't have the plastic on the sides and I liked that. We took it for a ride and I was sold. My wife loved the ride and how comfortable the bucket seats are. She kept asking the saleman if he was sure it was a truck, LOL. My wife talked me into buying it! :DWell, 45minutes later I was driving it home. Wow, what a great truck! I see what you are all talking about.
You will love the Avalanche! The side storage compartments will hold a lot and come in handy in your business. There is a bed slide available and one that is home made that might help. Also I have invented a Swing 'N Load cargo box that swings out to load and then back into the bed for travling. the box might be nice for tools, I know it is great for hauling

Thanks. The more I read the posts the more I see I made the right choice. The only problem is now I have the urge to start customizing ??? I am thinking of the wood dash mod first. Anyone have any suggestions?
Hey welcome to the club PaulP... looks the your wife has some good taste. (y)

You'll find lots of good hints here about the av and the answer to many questions that you might have.
Good choice buying the AV! I myself have been a ford man in the past and have owned 6 of them...Until the AV came along I would have probably gotten another ford. I found my AV on a used lot and got a great deal on it. I wouldn't trade it now for anything. You'll love it! :B:
Congrats on your new AV, I just got back from my first long trip in my new Av and loved every minute of it. We pulled a pop-up trailer and never new it was there.
Congrats on your purchase and your move from that 'other brand' of truck . . ;D. The Av is indeed in a class by itself . . . enjoy!
Thanks to all for the support. Everyday I come to like this truck more and more. I really like how it fits in my garage much better than my other truck. I can even drop the tail gate with it parked and the door down. I always had to pull the other truck out. It is a dream to drive and park campaired to the F150 I had. The A/C is great too! Here in Florida that is a big plus & with dual controls so we can all be happy :love: Great milage too! 15.8 average with about 50/50 highway and city on a new truck. Havn't found anything I don't like yet.
Hey man I got a Red Z66 AV this past april and yes the truck is awesome, I was driving a 98 ford explorer and this is far batter!!