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Front Seat Problem


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SM 2003
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Feb 6, 2002
Philadelphia Pennsylvania
I know i saw it posted but search can't find it , my front drivers seat is moving back and forward just a little when i start up from a light or stop sign( no not jumping on it) it's starting to get an annoyance ??? ???
I haven't had that problem but I do find that my wife's Tahoe is more comfortable on those 500-600 mile trips..
I had the same problem and had to have the seat track replaced. This fixed the problem.
I havent had this problem but I am having a problem with my seat not having power. It must be a loose wire because after I start driving it seems to work. It only does it once and awhile. And never when I bring it to the dealer of course.

I asked my dealer again recently about this and he said GM is aware and working on this. He is pretty good about getting back to me, but I am not holding my breath. Mine feels like it is getting worse. I am going to have them look again and make sure it is noted in the computer that I have multiole complaints regarding this issue.

This is an old thread but I've just started noticing my seat shifiting when I start from a stop. I would say it started around 9,000 miles and I'm at almost 11k now. It's really annoying and I think it's getting worse. My dad told me it's a common problem with GM vehicles and I'm gonna go talk to the dealer when I get a chance. While they're at it I'll Female Dog about my leather getting worn too!

I have the power/leather/heated seats BTW.
Didn't you know, this is the new "rocking seat" option that GM stold from Dodge. ;D

Actually it's funny you mention this, I haven't noticed this on my Av but this is also a very common problem on Durango's.
i have experienced this in my AV as well. just started driving it again recently. so if i feel it continues to rock, or is getting worse, i will take it in.
I do not have this problem...but....I am interested

Is it in the seat track....I mean the stuff that moves the seat up down etc etc...

Is it in the floor flexing? or maybe loose mounting bolts?

ygmn said:
I do not have this problem...but....I am interested...

Loosen your bolts up a little and maybe you could have the problem, too :2:

No reports of this for '03? Mine are nice and solid anyway ???
I noticed this problem with my 02 also but I forgot to mention it to the dealer when I took mne in this morning for my ABS light coming and staying on, along with my traction assit going out at the same time, I am calling them as soon as I finish typing this and ask them to look at my seat also. I thought it (the seat) was loose because I was just to damn big and need to lose some weight :eek:

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Yes it is a problem in 03's, I have an 03. My avy and I will be seeing the dealer very soon.
Not bolts, it simply a piece of the track highly engineered with nylon & plastic, it fails, seat rocks.

Happens quicker with larger folks, I'm afraid. I busted them on each of my Tahoes, on my Impala and on my Av. Not worth fixing to me anymore, takes so little time to get back to the same point.