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Front Seat Removal>


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Jul 18, 2002
Just received my laptop traveler desk, now I need to remove the nut that holds the front seat down to the floor, where can I get this special tool or what other tool can I use instead.
Thanks Heavy D
I think you will need a torx socket. This is what held the seats in my 02 AV, I haven't looked at my 03 AV to see if they are different. As far as where you can get the socket, I work at a dealership and got mine off the Snap-On tool truck, you might try the auto parts store, they might have one there.
This has come up in another thread:

2-me said:
Well Mr. Goodwrench in his infinite wisdom installed special nuts to hold the seats in place. I could not find the special tool in the entire galaxy last night. I?ll try to get an ?inverted torq? socket from the Avy store today.
Folowed by:

2-me said:
* Mr. Goofwrench ? no special tools, bummer!
* Cris at Advance Autoparts says, ?? got it.? He?s holding a set of NASA designed, and made in China ?Torqs? sockets, set of 5 @ $11
And finally:

2-me said:
I did have a time getting it installed. A 15 mm deep-well socket will get the job done, but would you believe the front seat nut (Not me) is a 19mm external torq. The boyz at the Goodwrench farm don?t even have a socket to fit.
Hope this helps. Read the latter part of the thread, it discusses installing a laptop desk.

-- SS
Thanks Guys thats the thread I was looking for, now on to more research. where I can find this around here.