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Front struts on '13 EXT Premium

Marty Miller

Full Member
Aug 7, 2020
Has anyone replaced the struts on a 2nd generation EXT? Why would I want to convert to bypass units? What are the pros and cons of converting?
The EXT (and LTZ versions of the Avalanche) have electronic suspension control (ESC) in the front shocks. The benefit to this is the shock rate is variable and adjusts depending on the road conditions, speed of vehicle etc... The pro to keeping ESC shocks is that you'll have a smoother ride. The con, if you are replacing with new ESC shocks, is they cost more than non electronically controlled shocks.

So let me take a step back, are your front shocks leaking or not working anymore? Maybe I'm lucky but my 2010 is at 180,000 miles, and the front shocks are still going strong. I did have to replace the rear shocks because the airbags were worn out, but the hydraulic part of the shocks were still fine.

Also, the shop manual is attached for the front suspension. Be sure to use any sections that say ESC, and not 'non-esc'.


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