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Fuel Optimiser?


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Jul 15, 2002
Upstate NY
I ran across an interesting product in a catalog last night. Its basically a strong magnet that you put around your fuel line. It supposedly break ups the 'clusters' of gas molecules so they can burn more efficiently. $20 for a 25% increase in fuel economy.

Seems like its got to be a load of you-know-what to me. Beside questioning the physics of it, if a car company could improve gas mileage by 25% for $20 (or probably $5 actual cost), I can't imagine they wouldn't jump on it, what with the growing push for better fleet fuel economy. Imagine an AV that gets rated 18/20! They have what they claim are independent test results (1 test) to support it, but being a bit of a skeptic when it comes to such products, I'm not sure I'd gamble $20 on it.

Anyway, just though it was amusing and was interested to hear some other member's take on it. I found their web site if you're curious:

Fuel Optimiser

And here's a link to the catalog if you'd like to see a picture:
Optimiser Pic
These have been around for a while. I know people who have them claim they work great :rolleyes:. However all the data claims otherwise. They do nothing to improve Fuel Economy.

The auto industry is working really hard to get the most fuel efficiant engines on the market. If a magnet would improve Fuel Economy then they would have put it on a long time ago.
i would love to know if they work..not to get better mileage, but to have more efficient fuel...this could probably aide those with problem fuel injectors?
Have you all seen that fuel tornado product? Any experience with that? Seems like a relatively simple idea, but I don't know if the reasoning of why it works makes sense. Anybody know about the fuel tornado product?
In resposne to Barar,
I had a Tornado in my Yukon and dropped into the AV. I've been running for one about 6 years now...

Does boost a couople of miles per gallon. It works for me..

tornado.com go check it out


check out tornado.com
I've had one for about six years and it works for me, it funnels air into the system. Fits right in the intake line..

hello avrs, got change here, telling you about the real fuel optimizer, that i have had for about a year, now.

if you were to search back on got change posts, you would eventually find..........

vacum gauge , in dash panel cutout.

the vacum gauge tells you , about the fuels air inlet pressure,....vacum. if you can roll off a stoplight, and stay off cruise control going uphill, or on overpasses, and drive, just like there was an egg, under your shoe, between your right foot and the accelerator pedal, and you dont want to bust that egg, all over your avs floor mat, ..............you can get ..damn good gas mileage,

my z-71 has gotten, over 20 mpg many times,

DRIVING FOR MILAGE.... just, one or two leadfoot stoplight takeoffs can cut a mile or two off a tankfulls average!!

i'll guarantee, if you put a vacum gauge in your av ,a nd go easy on the go pedal, to stay over 10 lbs of vacum, you will get over 15 miles per gallon, and on a road trip, never let the cruise control, kick er down, to hold 65-70 on the overpasses, on the open road, you can pull 20 mpg.

if you dont believe, spend about 1,and 1/1/2 tanks of gas $ worth, , get a vacum gauge , and just watch what a leadfoot will cost you,

and one day post about what kind of mileage you can get, if you drive it real soft, !!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s, when i first got my drivers liscense, my moms 1963 pontiac grand prix, had a vacum gauge from the factory..

i think it said mile-o meter, on it, and thats where i realized, driving ez, could get you mpg..

no b.s here avrs!!
Probably could do the same thing by setting the DIC to show instant MPG and keeping that up to a respectable number. I bet it correllates real well with vacuum level at most speeds that aren't 0.
Leather was right..... oops !
Sorry for the misleading site.

thanks Leather
got_change is right in his post! I have also got over 20MPG by driving steady and easy. This is at interstate speed. I have no knowledge about the fuel optimiser but don't you think if it was THAT good that almost everyone would have one and you would hear about it everywhere?

I bought the magnet and tried it on 2 vehicles ( I took it off of my old S-10 when I sold it). It only help to gain .2 mpg on my AV, and about .5-.6 mpg on my S-10.

Since I bought it, I figured I might as well use it. But I recommed not spending more than $2.00 if you are going to get one. It'll take F-O-R-E-V-E-R to recoupe the investment cost.

There is no way it gained 20% in MPG. They must of had some very bad gas and then threw in the best gas they could find to report those numbers!