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"full Tank Of Gas"??



I was just wondering when picking up your av for the first time did your
dealer give you a full tank of gas, or just "spit" to get it home with? Mine hasn't arrived as of yet, hoping 2 more weeks to go. Should I check the tank to see if it's full and complain (or should I say ask nicely)
I just spent x dollars and you can't even fill the tank....what do you think???
Mine came with a full tank of gas as well. I recall reading that that was standard procedure now when buying a new GM and Chevy truck.
It's been awhile, but I remember seeing an Olds/Cadillac Dealer here that had $2.00 on an addendum sticker for gas as well as some other ridiculous things. Might have even been Dealer Prep. (This was probably close to 20 yrs. ago)

Huh, where'd my Sig. go??
Mine came with a full tank, personally filled by the manager of the dealership. Considering what you pay for a new (Avalanche or any other) vehicle, a full tank should be S.O.P.
Reickert's Chevrolet in Woodstock IL - salesman Rocky Wells - full tank, fresh wash (still wiping down when I picked it up!). Great person to deal with, no hassles.
every new auto I have bought has always come with a full tank. If they don't give you a full tank I would never buy from that dealer again.
Full here. I bought from a CAFCNA member though, so I expected a full tank ;)
Mine came with a full tank and a cup of coffee and ballons for my kids!

Mine came with a full tank and when I had to go back a week later because they screwed up the paperwork and I had to resign them they gave me another full tank!
Mine came with a full tank of gas. It had to, when I was test driving AV it was about out.
I guess my dealer sucks because he did not give me a full tank. He used some excuss that they were allowed x amount of dollars towards gas. With gas being a $1.85 /gal. at the time it did not fill the tank.
Well if they don't give you a full tank I would talk to the manager! Maybe print this fourm out and take it to them. I have bought 18 new cars over the last 35 years and I don't remember any of them not having a full tank. The salesman should also go over the Avalanche with you and explain how everything works and make sure you understand. My salesman also pays for my first oil change.
I guess Roadkingclassic_00 and I are the minority, I got a little less than a half a tank when I picked up my Av. Guys, is this a GM policy that the tank must be full upon delivery or just the gentlemanly thing to do. I want to note it on the questionaire/survey that I will get from GM in the near future.


Peej80 :mad:
Got full tank and free first oil change.:D I did mention that I wanted a full tank before I signed the paper work though.
Full tank, freshly washed and wiped, and sitting right out in front of the showroom on a sunny morning with two salesmen showing prospective buyers what a great truck it is!