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Jan 24, 2002
Houston, TX
Imsamel said:
...?I presumed that being a true fan and enthusiast was the most important thing! ?I am just proud to be an owner! ? :B:

You are absolutely correct, Thats what this is all about. We are all here to show our pride, learn, contribute and occsionally brag a little.

welcome to the board and the community. ;D
Imsamel said:
Hey Guys! ?I didn't know that gender was such an issue ...

I imagine the Bulletin Board software is distributed with gender in the profile to cover all types of board applications. ?Of course in this fine CAFCNA board, we don't even think about the opposite gender in anyway :rolleyes:

Welcome aboard into your Journey into Ownership ... The pilot has turned off the no seatbelt sign so are now free to MOD, MOD, MOD ?;D
Imsamel, I don't think that gender really affects this board and the way we react to eachother...If anything It is interesting to see what our counterparts think of what we think of our trucks and how interesting this could all get.....

Everyone is welcome regardless of age, gender, etc....That's what makes this site so special!!.... :B: