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Geneseo NY, Buffalo NY, Maybe even Niagara Falls?? July 12th - 15th - PICS ADDED


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Jul 21, 2002
Fairfield County, CT
Well I am heading up to Geneseo NY for the Annual Airshow and was looking to see if anyone wanted to hook up at the show or maybe dinner one night.

Updated Plans...

Wednesday Afternoon - head North towards Batavia for the night.

Thursday - head northwest and cross the border into Canada for some action in Toronto with NatsCanAv. Hockey Hall of Fame, etc

Friday - Hang out at Niagara Falls with Nats and enjoy the sights. Swing by Duffs (Amherst, NY) for dinner/drinks and head to Rochester for the night.

Saturday - Airshow at Geneseo, NY

Sunday - Wake up and do brunch and head for home

I have attended this airshow many times before and we (AV Boyz) had a great time last year. Thanks for all that came out.

Here is a link to the webpage of the museum in Geneseo, NY that hosts it.

Main Airshow page

List of Invited Airshow Performers

Who's in??



one of these days i'll join u for the air show gary, but i'll be hanging with the weirdos at the sci fi convention in md that weekend..? :cool: smuggle me some all dressed chips from niagara, will u?? >:D
I can make Thursday dinner if it's not to early. I get out of work at 5:00pm.
Now your leaving Thurs.. Sheesh! .. I'm in for some or all of this .. Keep me posted Gary .. Oh forget I'll just call you today ..  (y)

drink a genesee cream ale for me!!!!

and then tell me about it...

been a long time since I had one
NatsCanAv said:
Now your leaving Thurs.. Sheesh! .. I'm in for some or all of this .. Keep me posted Gary .. Oh forget I'll just call you today .. (y)


Might be leaving Wednesday night now, depending how my week goes.

Stan, I will give you a call by Monday the latest and let you know when I have a better picture of hotel arrangements, etc.

Dang! I'm not going to be available that weekend, from Thursday on. :E:

If it turns out you're in town on Wednesday, I might be able to make that. ???

-- SS
Leaving today for New York at 2:00 pm

Crossing the Canadian Border in the morning (Thursday), headed for Toronto and will be in Niagara Falls on Friday.

See you all soon.

I will be posting up some pics from the trip sometime tomorrow night.

I had a great visit and "Many Thanks" to all that made it out for a great time.

We will do it again soon.

So here are some of my pics from Toronto...

The CN Tower


  • DSC_1123 (Medium).JPG
    DSC_1123 (Medium).JPG
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  • DSC_1119 (Medium).JPG
    DSC_1119 (Medium).JPG
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a few from inside the tower


  • DSC_1138 (Medium).JPG
    DSC_1138 (Medium).JPG
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  • DSC_1142 (Medium).JPG
    DSC_1142 (Medium).JPG
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Interesting pair in the sky in Geneseo NY....



  • DSC_2033 (Medium).JPG
    DSC_2033 (Medium).JPG
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  • DSC_2035 (Medium).JPG
    DSC_2035 (Medium).JPG
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What could this be???


  • DSC_2225 (Medium).JPG
    DSC_2225 (Medium).JPG
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  • DSC_2238 (Medium).JPG
    DSC_2238 (Medium).JPG
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coming in a little closer...


  • DSC_2243 (Medium).JPG
    DSC_2243 (Medium).JPG
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  • DSC_2234 (Medium).JPG
    DSC_2234 (Medium).JPG
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few more...


  • DSC_2247 (Medium).JPG
    DSC_2247 (Medium).JPG
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  • DSC_2248 (Medium).JPG
    DSC_2248 (Medium).JPG
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  • DSC_2246 (Medium).JPG
    DSC_2246 (Medium).JPG
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  • DSC_2245 (Medium).JPG
    DSC_2245 (Medium).JPG
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and a few more...


  • DSC_2248 (Medium).JPG
    DSC_2248 (Medium).JPG
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  • DSC_2249 (Medium).JPG
    DSC_2249 (Medium).JPG
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  • DSC_2250 (Medium).JPG
    DSC_2250 (Medium).JPG
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  • DSC_2251 (Medium).JPG
    DSC_2251 (Medium).JPG
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and a few more for tonight...



  • DSC_2303 (Medium).JPG
    DSC_2303 (Medium).JPG
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  • DSC_2304 (Medium).JPG
    DSC_2304 (Medium).JPG
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  • DSC_2305 (Medium).JPG
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  • DSC_2306 (Medium).JPG
    DSC_2306 (Medium).JPG
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last ones for tonight


  • DSC_2307 (Medium).JPG
    DSC_2307 (Medium).JPG
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  • DSC_2308 (Medium).JPG
    DSC_2308 (Medium).JPG
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