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Get together for Go-Carting $25 for 4 races!


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I am wondering thought on possible dates to set up a GTG.

There is this good indoor go carting place in Melrose Park. I go there almost every week, it is a good place to race at. It is cheap (compared to other indoor carting places)

I am thinking we set up a date sometime during the week, I would like input to set up a date in June, or July that we all could get together and race against one another and see who's the fastest Chicago avalanche owner!

A little about Melrose Park Indoor Grand Prix (http://www.mpgrandprix.com/), it is located in a warehouse off of a main road.
The Good,
Carts are awesome.. Very fast responsive Etc...
Track is a mixtures off all corners, fast track.
Workers there are chill
They have good food/drink and lounge area.
Cheap compared to others

The Bad,
Place isn't kept up as well as it could.
Have to bring your own motorcycle helmet
Some racers there can get real ignorant

Mon- Wednesday $20 for 3 races
Fri- Unlimited races for $75 only if you have a yearly membership
On normal days (all in same day)
1st race $20
2nd race $15
3rd race 4$10

Daily $5
Monthly $10
Yearly $25

Have to be at least 18 to drive carts, If under 18 must have parent/guardian come in and sign a wavier.
Also bring your I'd

Obvious rules no drinking and driving, reckless driving Etc...

Let me know your thoughts about dates, I think it would be cool to set this up! and if it get's serious I will talk about group rates see if we can get discounts.

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It's a great idea but the only problem I see is it's during the week and will be very hard to pull in a good group.  If it were a weekend GTG you could possibly get a better turnout.