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GM Canada & CAW Reach Tentative Deal!


SM 2004
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Sep 2, 2002
GM Canada and the Canadian Auto workers have inked a tentative a contract settlement for Canadian operations.The deal was reached only a few hours before the strike deadline. Here is a link to the details.

Let the games begin with Ford and Diamler/Chrysler, neither will have a good go with it since GM seems to be in the driver's seat this time. I hope they don't get a watered down version since GM basically gave away the farm! :B:
They may have "given away the farm", but they are still producing and selling ... and a lot more family's in Mexico will enjoy a better life in the future.
GM was alot happier that the union about this deal.The union will never be comepletly happy,but thats another story.GM is geting great "bang for thier buck" in Canada or they wouldn't do so much business here. :)