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GM News, Get This...a Hummer H3?

Yeah I heard about that a while ago, it supposed to sell for like $29K or something....yet another "more affordable" Hummer...

...but to me, if ya don't shell out the $100K for the real thing (like I could in this lifetime...NOT!), then it just ain't worth it!


Wow that is weird. I thought they were going to call that the H2 SUT.

I had heard that the H3 was going to be built on the S-10/Colorado platform. Interesting!!!
The H2 SUT is still a H2, this is a seperate truck, the H3, smaller and cheaper. I don't think I like it too much, but people will buy it because it says Hummer on it.

You're absolutely correct. People will buy it because it says hummer. I wonder at what point GM is going to shoot themselves in the foot. Clearly an H3 is going to fall extremely short of Hummer. I think the H2 falls short of a Hummer. I am interested to know that AM General feels about this. If I remember correctly GM partnered with them on the H2. It seems to me that GM is tarnishing the Hummer brand Name!!
Oh no... A Rav4 / PT Cruiser Hummer?

I think this would be a big mistake... ?Personally, I'll lose respect for the Hummer name.
looks like Gm...is looking to be the leading truck and Suv authority....not that they are doing poorly now...but let's face it......what other manufacturer holds a candle....to the current Chevy line...

NJ, I agree with you 100%. I don't know that much about the Diesel trucks. I know Dodge and Ford have some nice looking trucks out there. How they rate in performance against a Chevy, I do not know. What I do know is that when it comes to trucks in the Consumer Class, GM takes the Laurels.
Well, whoever at GM that thought up the idea of buying the Hummer name from AM General was freakin' marketing genius. I'm sure GM will make billions of $$$ marketing and selling an entire line of Hummer-branded vehicles.
Thats why they make so many models - so many different tastes and budgets - even BMW and Merc. Benz make cheap and ugly models so some people can say they own one, does it really make the others less of a fine automobile - I think not! ;) To each his own!
I've heard that the average SUV nets the manufacturer about $4-5K, which is way above the profit for a sedan. Can you imagine how much GM pulls in with each Hummer sale??